Mare Fuori 4, the new cast and the actors who have left the series

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Mare Fuori 4 returns to Naples with its shooting. The rumors state that, at the moment, the series should arrive on Rai in the month of January 2024, but as we well know is that some actors will not return this season.

The new actors of Mare Fuori 4

The third season has introduced new characters, which enriched the already complex plots of the previous episodes. These characters will also be present in the fourth season. Here is a list of the new actors:

  • Joseph Pirozzi in the role of Raffaele Di Meo, known as Micciarella
  • Francis Panarella plays Luigi Di Meo, known as Cucciolo
  • Clara Succini plays Giulia, also known as CrazyJ, a Milanese rapper who joins a gang of thugs
  • Chiara of “Paola and Chiara”, in the role of CrazyJ's mother
  • Maria Esposito, who plays Rosa Ricci, Ciro's sister, although she had already appeared occasionally in previous seasons
  • Lucrezia Guidone, in the role of Sofia Durante, the new director of the juvenile prison
  • Salahudin Tijani Imrana as Dobermann, a friend of the Di Meo brothers
  • Valeria Andreanò joins the cast playing Sofia Durante's sister

Who leaves the cast of Mare Fuori?

Many characters who, on the other hand, have made the history of all the seasons of Mare Fuori have decided to leave and will not return to the fourth season. Here's who they are and why they dropped out of the cast.

Philip (the Chiattillo), Nicolas Maupas

The young Filippo Ferrari, nicknamed O'Chiattillo, is a skilled musician of Milano. Due to a tragic accident, in which a friend of his loses his life due to a game gone wrong, he is sentenced to the juvenile prison of Nisida, in the city of Naples. He forms a very strong friendship, which will save his life, with Carmine DiSalvo.

The actor is released from prison to be transferred to the one in Milan, thus permanently leaving the IPM of Naples.

Naditza, Valentina Romani

Valentina Romani interprets Naditza in the Sea Out. She is presented as one gypsy sedentary in Naples who chooses to spend his time inside the prison rather than with his family. The girl was arrested several times for crimes such as theft and fraud and is one of the most permanent figures within the Juvenile Institute of Naples. From the very first minutes she appears as a vivacious and braggart young woman, and it is here that she falls in love with Filippo. Together, they decide to flee in search of a life without rules and above all far from the confines of prison.

The girl, after having served her sentence, will be free and will wait for Philip.

Paola, Caroline Crescentini

Initially the most famous character of the TV series. A notable actress who helped make fiction a huge hit. She plays the director of the juvenile prison of Naples and has a relationship with Massimo, the commander. The woman will leave the series at the end of the third season, being replaced (in spite of her) by Sofia Durante.

Viola, Serena DeFerrari

Probably the character more controversial and disturbing of Mare Fuori. The girl played by Serena De Ferrari, an actress now prominent thanks to this role, has repeatedly spoken about her character "Viola" and how complex it was to play her role.

Viola squeezes one report of love, but manipulative, with Ciro and repeatedly showed signs of strong imbalance. The young one yes suicidal jumping from the roof of the IPM and consequently exiting the cast.

Gemma, Serena Codato

Serena Codato was chosen to play Gemma Doria in the TV series Mare Fuori. Gemma, originally from Udine, ended up in prison after shooting her own abusive ex boyfriend. Her personality is very fragile and sensitive, and she becomes even more sensitive when she comes into contact with Viola, a character whose influence becomes very negative.

Gemma bonds with cardiotrap, but he will push her away to make her look towards the future outside the prison. The girl comes out of the IPM at the end of the third season.

Liz, Anna Admire yourself

Liz Centola, the prison guard played by Anna Ammirati proved to be a fundamental character. A guard sweet to every boy who entered the IPM and ready to help them to give them a future. She will hide Edoardo during his escape from the Ricci family and for this very event it will be suspended. But the woman claims that she is obviously not made for this type of work because she is unable to distance herself from the prisoners.

Gaetano, Nicolo Galasso

O pirocchio was in the first two seasons a very different character from the one we met in the third. A boy respectable who naively enters the clan of Ciro. He will do anything for his friend, but in the end will regret of his gestures and will return home. Unfortunately, however, she will not really succeed in redeem themselves, despite his attempts, and will finish killed by the hand of Mimmo.

Totò, Antonio Orefice

Totò Ascione is another of the boys who is part of the clan Cyrus Ricci. He too will do everything to avenge the death of the clan leader and even in trying to kill Carmine he will kill his wife Nina. He is, therefore, the much sought after murderess by Nina. The boy yes will regret with all of himself and will ask, getting it, the forgiveness by Carmine. He will be transferred to prison Poggioreale and his story at the IPM seems over.

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