Mare Fuori 4, is Ciro alive? Will he come back in season XNUMX?

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Sea Out 3 is finished and not, there is no alternate ending as the voices of the web chattered. The rumors, however, state that Ciro would be back in action this new season, especially given the massive presence of James George on set during filming.

Unfortunately, however, in the 12 episodes present both on Rai Play and broadcast on Rai 2, the character of Ciro seems to be mysteriously absent, except for one fleeting appearance in the first minutes of the first episode, in which he is seen walking on the Bagnoli pier in the company of his sister. But then, in the rest of the season, Ciro no longer appears.

One wonders then: is it possible that the character is dead or will return to the next season?

Ciro in the third season of Mare Fuori

in twelve episodes we can meet again Ciro, but always in memories of the other characters. It will play an important role in the flashback concerning the love story between Carmela and Edoardo.

Ciro and Edoardo are on the beaches of Misenum and while they are playing beach tennis, Rosa introduces Carmela to her brother's friend. And from there the spark will ignite between the two.

We still see Ciro again in this story, even when Edoardo and he go to take revenge for the abuses that Carmela's father has done to his daughter. But only and always in flashbacks.

Is Ciro really dead?

Yes, it would seem that the character of Cyrus is really dead in the first season. It was thought that the character may not have died, mostly due to his missing funeral, but at least in this one third season Ciro's story remains the one we knew. Will he make a comeback in the next few seasons? We have no info yet, but fans pitch hypothesis.

And instead Ciro could be alive: that's why

Some fans, though, still have hope. Some had speculated that in the final scene of Mare Fuori 3 there is, in reality, Ciro. The gunshot it would not have been issued by the pistol of the Ricci clan chief, but by Rosa's brother who had returned to protect her.

La famous photo Cyrus, in fact, seems to have been taken in the same location (Piscina Mirabilis) where the shooting between Rosa, her father and Carmine takes place. Furthermore, in addition to being in the same place, he also holds one gun. It seems to be a detail unequivocal. Was it really Cyrus? In the third season definitely not, because he doesn't appear in the finale, but we can't know if he will in Sea Out 4.

That's all the theories most popular:

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