Who dies in Mare Out 3? Season XNUMX spoilers

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Sea Out he's not afraid to eliminate characters, even important ones, over the course of his seasons. After saying goodbye to a pivotal character like Ciro (although it might come back), in the third season we had to give up more than one boy from the Naples juvenile prison. But let's see in detail who died in Mare Fuori 3.

Gaetano, O Pirocchio Dies at Sea Outside 3

The first to lose his life is Gaetano, nicknamed or Pirocchio. The boy tries to change your life, gets out of prison and starts working as a pizza maker. Unfortunately, however, while denying his past and his alliance with Ciro and Edoardo (he has the tattoo dedicated to Ciro erased), he is unable to escape from the "duties" imposed by the Camorristi.

Edoardo orders him to kill Mimmo, after discovering that he is a traitor who is now allied with the Di Salvos. Gaetano accepts to save his parents, but in reality gets shot by Mimmo while not becoming a murderess. Thus a character who had tried to change his life and the father gives a heartbreaking speech to the IPM kids trying to push them towards change.

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Viola dies in Mare Fuori 3

Probably the character more controversial of Sea Out. An actress who manages to interpret a very complex role and does it in a masterly way. In these six episodes we discover the disturbed past of Viola, who suffered physical violence from her father and psychological abuse from her mother.

Viola, after a fight with Rosa, kidnaps Carmine's daughter and threatens to throw her off the roof of the IPM. In the end, Rosa saves the little girl, but Viola, despite having the possibility of saving herself, chooses to jump off the roof. The final episode ends with the girl in agony, she is not known for certain that she is dead but she would appear so.

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Rosa Ricci risks dying

Rosa is likely to be killed by Mimmo's hand, who had the yearly task from Carmine's mother, a Di Salvo. Carmine But save the girl and gets closer and closer to her reinforcing their, for now ambiguous, bond.

When Mare Fuori 3 comes out

It seems that the script of the fourth season of Mare Fuori is now close to completion and the shooting they should start at May 2023. If everything goes as planned, the new episodes will see the light by the end of January or the beginning of February 2024, but some rumors hint at the possibility of a slip up in autumn of the same year.

Judging by the previous distribution of Mare Fuori 3, it is presumable that the fourth season will premiere on the Rai, with its subsequent publication on RaiPlay and Rai 2, and only later on Netflix.

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3

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