Mare Fuori 3: does love blossom between Carmine and Rosa Ricci?

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The first six episodes of Sea Out 3 they came up RaiPlay and the second season had left us with a big twist. Ciro Ricci's sister, Pink, enters juvenile detention to avenge his dead brother. His goal is, therefore, Carmine who "officially" killed Ciro. But hatred sometimes turns into love.

Attention the article contains many spoiler on third season.

The first contact between the two

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During the third season, however, from the very first episodes we notice one strange feeling between the characters. Both of them have had a lot of suffering, they are lonely and feel lost and alone. Pink try immediately kill Carmine during a class to learn how to make pizza. The two meet again only in a room and Rosa, armed with a knife, repeatedly tries to hit him.

Carmine defends himself and, in the meantime, tries to find contact with Rosa to share his pain with her. Already in this scene we realize a kind of understanding between the two who stay close almost as if they want to kiss, without power. So, be a Romeo and Juliet love story.

The aggravation of Rosa's father

The approach of the two occurs when the father by Rosa Ricci suffers a deterioration and the young woman is afraid. Carmine notice his discomfort and try to cheer her up because, just like her, he knows what it's like to lose someone so loved. Rosa refuses her comfort, but indirectly she seems to feel something.

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Carmine saves Rosa's life

Carmine's mother orders a Mimmo, entered the prison to betray Edoardo and protect Di Salvo, di kill Pink. Carmine he doesn't want anyone to die for him and after he understands that Mimmo tried to kill Rosa, he enters the crime scene and save.

In fact, Mimmo had tried to suffocate the girl with a sheet, but Carmine does it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the cardiac message saving her life. As soon as Rosa wakes up, she asks Carmine to go away, but Carmine opposes and the two let themselves go in one sort of hug shaking hands.

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Rosa saves Futura, Carmine's daughter

Viola loses his mind and kidnaps Futura, Carmine's daughter and threatens to throw her off the roof. He asks Rosa to choose the fate of the little girl and the girl has no doubts. Despite this, Viola continues in her intent, but Rosa snatches the baby from her from his arms making a heroic gesture. At the end of the scene, where unfortunately Viola decides to throw herself down, Rosa looks at Carmine and shouts words of reassurance at him.

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When will the final episodes come out?

At the moment only the first six episodes of the third season of Mare Fuori are available, but when they will be released the final episodes of Sea Outside 3? Find out date, time, platform.

Mare Fuori exclusively on RaiPlay

The first six episodes di Sea Out 3 are not available on Netflix, but at the moment exclusively on RaiPlay. The platform made available by Rai offers the possibility to view them for free, just sign up.

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