Mare Fuori 3: the date of the other six episodes arrives

Sea Out 3 premiered its first six episodes on RaiPlay, so it is currently not available on any other platform. But when will they arrive the other episodes that, therefore, will end the season three? Initially they had assumed that the debut could coincide with the arrival of Mare Fuori on Rai2, or on February 15, but apparently this is not the case.

La full season di Mare Fuori 3 will be available starting from 13 February, at midnight, on RaiPlay. The news is official, in fact, it was released by Mare Fuori's Instagram account which currently has over 200k followers.

Even before the official debut in prime time on Rai2, Monday of the same week Mare Fuori will be available with the last six episodes.

In this way we could see above all some vicissitudes: Viola is she really dead? kubra he will see his mother again and above all Carmine e Pink Will hedgehogs end up together? And, lastly, Ciro Will Ricci return to amaze fans with his return?

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