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They are RaiPlay the first ones have been released exclusively six episodes of the third season of Mare Fuori. After a long wait, fans can meet their favorite characters again in the IPM prison and it only took a few episodes to shed many tears. We have to say farewell to one of the characters of the series.

During the fourth episode, at the hands of Mimmohe will lose his life Gaetano known as ò Pirocchio.

How did Pirocchio (Gaetano) di Mare Fuori die?

The young man up was repented and had also asked forgiveness to Carmen. The two had resumed relations and Pirocchio had abandoned his role as Ciro's ally to return to his family of origin. He had left prison and started a job at a pizzeria in Naples, filling his now proud parents with joy.

Unfortunately, however, to be left in peace, Edoardo's family and Rosa Ricci want him to kill the traitor in Mimmo. Gaetano is destroyed and would not want to do it, but when the clan goes to threaten the Parents there will be no more doubts.

Gaetano meets Mimmo at gaiola, aims the weapon at him, but he will too Mimmo. The two find themselves facing each other, Mimmo begs him to lower the weapon, Gaetano will pull the trigger and consequently also Mimmo: the latter will fire the shot which he will kill Gaetano. Pirocchio's weapon, however, was unloaded: Gaetano had raised the bullets not to become a murderer. Mimmo comes out destroyed.

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Another Mare Fuori character also dies

Gaetano, however, will not be the only one to lose his life in this first part of Mare Fuori 3. Even the character of Violaactually seems to have come to an end. The boys, in fact, decided to take his own life. Read more about piece dedicated to the shocks of the season.

When will the final episodes come out?

The first six episodes di Sea Out 3 are not available on Netflix, but at the moment exclusively on RaiPlay. The platform made available by Rai offers the possibility to view them for free, just sign up.

Here's when they'll arrive the final episodes of Sea Outside 3: find out date, time, platform.

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3

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