Mare Fuori 3, all the shocking moments: spoilers from the third season

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The season of Sea Out 3 è release on RaiPlay on February 1st, but for organizational reasons it was split in two, so for now they are actually only six episodes available.

Currently it is not available on Netflix and in this article you will find them all the shocking moments of this midseason number three. So, we point out the present of very many spoiler.

Beware of spoilers

Ciro is dead, at least so it seems

There was a lot of noise about the reappearance of the character of Ciro, who died in recent seasons. Many suspected, with lots of hypothetical evidence, that he was alive and came back suddenly during the third season. At the moment, however, only the initial scene is dedicated to Ciro who, together with his sister Rosa, are walking on the pier of Bagnoli (it's just a memory). So, at least until now, yeslooks really dead.

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Filippo and Naditza

Filippo and Naditza they are together, but have to face many vicissitudes out of jail. He is a fugitive and money short supply. These first six episodes make us understand all the love that the two characters feel and there are some scenes, especially one of passion between lovers. Eventually they come helped by Carmine who offers him a good amount of money that his mother had given him.

Kubra his story the relationship with Pino

This season Kubra plays a crucial role. We talk about the story of him with his mother, of their possible reunion, of the escape of the mother, but above all of the relationship with Beppe (of which it should be the daughter) and of the one with Pine with whom he establishes a love relationship. The two appear to be in love and support each other.

The love between Carmine and Rosa Ricci

Curly Rose entered the juvenile prison of Naples for avenge the death of Cyrus, his brother, who died at the hands of Carmine, at least so it is known (actually he was killed by Philip in self-defense). Both, however, yes approach incredibly and a strange feeling is created.

At the moment there hasn't been no love scenes, but the tension is clear and, moreover, in a scene between Carmine and Filippo, the latter asks Carmine who stole the heart, as if she glimpsed a new love in him. We have delved into this topic in a separate piece, where we explain all the moments that happened between them in these six episodes.

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Cardiotrap makes us understand what love is

Probably the best, and ethically correct, love story of Sea Out. cardiotrap is in love with Gem and to protect her, he inadvertently kills her abusive ex. But in the end, in order to get her out of prison and get her life back, he chooses to lie to her making her understand that he no longer loves her. We hope that she will wait for him when she leaves.

The death of or Pirocchio

A shock death in Mare Fuori 3 is that of Gaetano, nicknamed or Pirocchio. A former loyalist of Ciro decides to change his life, gets out of prison and starts a job as a pizza maker. Unfortunately, however, due to his past, Edoardo will give him a task from which he will not be able to escape: to kill Mimmo, the traitor. Not to become a murderer he gets himself killed by Mimmo, who is shown to be desperate for the loss.

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Edoardo will marry Carmela

Spoilers had announced it, Edoardo asked his historic partner in these episodes Carmela di marry him. For the rest of Edoardo's scenes are all focused on his new one role which, in essence, replaces that of Ciro and his clash with the Di Salvos and Mimmo after discovering his betrayal.

Viola's suicide

The sixth episode shocks everyone. Viola kidnaps Futura, Carmine's daughter, and threatens to throw her off the roof. After a lot of discussions, it will be right Rosa to save the little girl (confirming her feelings for Carmine) and Viola risks falling down, but the director saves her.

Unfortunately, however, the girl does not want to be saved and decides to jump into the void under the shocked eyes of all the boys in the prison. In Mare Fuori 3 we could also get to know the story of childhood violence of Viola, where her father physically punished her and her mother had major untreated psychological problems. The episode ends with Viola in agony.

When will the final episodes come out?

At the moment only the first six episodes of the third season of Mare Fuori are available, but when they will be released the final episodes of Sea Outside 3? Find out date, time, platform.

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