Mare Fuori 3: the first homosexual story, here's who

The previews had already announced that in Mare Fuori there would have been a homosexual love story, but we still didn't know who would involve any characters. After Pino's little love at first sight with Carmine, which ended quickly, now it's up to Puppy the new character of the series.

We have already anticipated what we knew about Cucciolo who is part of the family of Carmela, Edoardo's partner. As a result he fights against the Di Salvos (Carmine and his family).

In a scene of the fourth episode of the third season, we can see Cucciolo in a well-known structure in the province of Naples (the Plana Resort) while he is together with his boyfriend Matteo for a appointment gallant. While they think about moving to Berlin to live in peace, their relationship breaks down. Matthew will come beaten bloody from the same father who does not accept his homosexuality.

Puppy could start a new relationship inside the Mare Fuori prison. We will keep you posted.

screen taken from Rai Play

We are therefore sorry to note that in the 2023 homosexuality is still shown on tv through characters who they hide their gayness. We can, however, certainly consider that the context violent, backward and delinquent of Mare Fuori is certainly the least place inclusive.

We will see how the story of Cucciolo and his partner will evolve and how they wish to deal with the issue of homosexuality in Mare Fuori.

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When will the final episodes come out?

At the moment only the first six episodes of the third season of Mare Fuori are available, but when they will be released the final episodes of Sea Outside 3? Find out date, time, platform.

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3

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