Mare Fuori 3: the Naples locations of the third breathtaking season

Filippo and Niditza at villa mirabilis in Naples
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By now we know very well that the series of Sea Out it is filmed in Naples and over the seasons more and more space is given to the city. In this third season there are many location and luoghi that you can admire that, therefore, make Napoli seen from all over the country, but also from beyond. In fact, let us recall that Rai fiction has achieved success national e international.

Pontile di Bagnoli

  • When it happens: during episode 1, season 3
  • Characters present: Ciro and Rosa Ricci

Ciro and sister Curly Rose they walk, remembering their childhood, on jetty di Bagnoli. An opportunity to remember the much loved character played by Giacomo Giorgio who died in recent seasons. It's about a short scene which opens the third season of Mare Fuori and, above all, which makes fans see the much loved character Ciro again.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

Villa Mirabilis, cracker

  • When it happens: during episode 1, season 3
  • Characters present: Philip and Niditza

Filippo e Naditza, outside the prison, they live life. Filippo surprises his fiancée, the two are now together, and takes her to see the panorama of a restaurant overlooking the famous cracker. Then they stop for lunch. The structure is that of Villa Mirabilis. They are present both during the daytime and evening scenes. The location, therefore, shows its beauty in both moments of the day.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

Pier San Vincenzo

  • When it happens: during episode 1, season 3
  • Characters present: scene from above, without characters

The entire series is filmed at the Navy Headquarters located at Pier San Vincenzo and simulates the prison of Nisida, even if it is a different location. There are many shots showing the pier, which is being worked on for reopen it to the public.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

Lido Don Pablo in Ischitella

  • When it happens: during episode 3, season 3
  • Characters present: Philip and Naditza

In another scene, Filippo e Naditza they go to what appears to be the lido Don Pablo located in Ischitella. Here Filippo finds a pianola and takes the opportunity to dedicate a love song to his fiancée. Filippo and Naditza are hired to make piano bars.

The lido can be recognized not only thanks to the panorama behind it, but also for the colored tables which are a bit the trademark of this location which over the years has increasingly become the reference point for young people.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

Alleys of Naples, Porta San Gennaro

  • When it happens: all season
  • Characters present: Gaetano, Cucciolo and others

Thanks above all to two characters from Mare Fuori, or Pirocchio (Gaetano) and Cucciolo (new entry in the series), you will often see the heart of Naples. Above all thanks to Gaetano who, after leaving the search, will often be seen wandering through the alleys of the city, on his way from work to the Capasso pizzeria to Porta San Gennaro, at home.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

Plana Resort (Nabi Lakes), Castel Volturno

  • When it happens: during episode 4, season 3
  • Characters present: Puppy and boyfriend

Puppy becomes the Mare Fuori's first homosexual story, but given the type of environment it decides to keep its orientation hidden. In one of the scenes of the fourth episode, Puppy is seen in a room on the lake of the well-known structure Plana resort.

Puppy therefore becomes a fundamental character in the series which opens up to an important issue. The structure takes the opportunity of Mare Fuori to show its natural environment, in fact, the shots from above highlight all its potential.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

La Gaiola

  • When it happens: during episode 5, season 3
  • Characters present: Gaetano (or Pirocchio) and Mimmo

A crucial scene takes place at the Gaiola of Naples. Here one of the characters will lose his life that just in the previous episodes had conquered the spectators. We are talking about Gaetano. The location is, of course, splendid and shows the sea ​​of ​​Naples. The sea so loved in the series.

Screen taken from RaiPlay

Updating with the next six episodes soon available: that's when they come out

Mare Fuori exclusively on RaiPlay

The first six episodes di Sea Out 3 are not available on Netflix, but at the moment exclusively on RaiPlay. The platform made available by Rai offers the possibility to view them for free, just sign up.

When will the final episodes come out?

At the moment only the first six episodes of the third season of Mare Fuori are available, but when they will be released the final episodes of Sea Outside 3? Find out date, time, platform.

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