Mare Fuori 3: Rosa Ricci and Carmine kiss, the video

What we knew happened. From a fort gut feeling., a handshake are then switched to a warm embrace and finally a kiss. Rosa Ricci and Carmine kissed during episode 3×10 (10 of the third season). But let's go slowly.

Carmine talks about his love for Rosa

Filippo he returns to prison, after voluntarily giving himself up, and meets his friend Carmine. She immediately understands that something has changed, the young friend of his is in love. And after being quite shocked by the problems that the two lovers could face, he decides to understand his feelings about her and support him.

In another scene, Carmine explains the because fell in love with Pink. The two share pains that only they can understand and that Rosa is actually the one who needs the most protection.

These words are heard, involuntarily, by Rosa. In fact, her friend has recorded everything and Ricci will finally be able to have an indirect statement from Carmine. So Rosa summons him on roof and, after talking about their future problems as a prospective couple, snaps the kiss.

Rosa has to choose between Carmine and her father

Curly Rose begins to doubt, for the first time in his life, his own father. Accomplice, in fact, of attempted murder against Edoardo. Rosa and Carmine are released from prison on leave and the latter asks Rosa to meet him at the Piscina Mirabilis.

After a little hesitation Rosa joins him and here they let themselves slip into one passion scene. Here Carmine even tells her their first "I love you". But while crowned their dream of love, here comes the Rose's father who had followed her.

Il father incites Rosa to ukill Carminebut Rosa points the gun at her father. Carmine stops her saying she's not like them. They start a clash, they finish behind the columns of the Mirabilis pool and the spectator most hearing one shot. We don't know who the bullet hit. It will be a mystery that we will discover in the fourth season of Sea Out.

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3

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