Mare Fuori 3, Sofia Durante reveals who she is: she is not an educator

Sea Out 3 is officially back with the last few episodes of the series. Now we could see the final in season, finally. But among the major questions that fans ask themselves we certainly find the one concerning Sofia During, the educator entered juvenile detention. The woman seems to be much more than a simple teacher and in the seventh season the mystery is revealed.

Il character is played by Lucrezia Guidone.

Who Sofia During at Sea Out?

After the shocking event of Viola, who lost his life by jumping from the roof of the prison, and after the abduction of Futura Carmen's daughter Sofia comes out. He reported the events to the Ministry of Thanks to Justice.

Apparently Sofia is a agent sent to investigate on mismanagement of the IPM, after the death of Ciro. And it is for this reason that she took over juvenile detention undercover to check the situation. It is not, therefore, a question of a teacher.

- inspectors will arrive at prison juvenile of Naples to control the situation and to risk above all will be the commander Massimo and the director Paola. And they begin to interrogate all the inmates about the various events.

In seventh episode we also have the opportunity to see many flashback concerning the character of Sofia who, apparently, was incarcerated herself. We don't know if she was undercover there as well.

Sofia, the new director of the IPM of Naples

In a very sneaky way, Sofia During manages to creep into the juvenile prison of Naples. He interrogates the staff and the boys and finally succeeds suspend the director Paola and to take its place. Sofia, therefore, becomes the new director of the IPM.

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3

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