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Teresa in Mare Fuori she seemed to have left the scene by now, but instead in this one third season has a key role. In the first six episodes Edoardo he had archived his relationship with this young woman, dedicating himself again to his partner Carmela with whom he also had a son. But apparently their love was not over.

Teresa meets Edward

Edoardo he goes out on leave from the IPM to marry Carmela, but first the young man decides to meet Teresa. She lurks in the area where she knew she would pass and asks her to speak. The two touch and almost kiss, but nothing happens. Edoardo simply tells her that he would have the next day married Carmela. And Teresa's scene ends here.

Teresa in the hospital with Edoardo

Subsequently, Edoardo is ferito nearly to death by the Ricci clan and ends in hospital. And here it reappears Teresa. The girl wants to know how she is Edoardo and she doesn't care that there, in the waiting room, Carmela is also present, desperate for the condition of her now husband.

Teresa gives blood to Edoardo

Even, the blood group of Teresa is compatible with that of Edoardo and, accordingly, the girl to him dona despite the anger of Carmela that he would like the girl to simply disappear. It was she, as a wife, who should have helped her husband and not her lover. Teresa lets herself go in a scene in which she squeezes Edo's hand under Carmela's eyes while she gives her blood.

The strange relationship between Carmela and Teresa

Le two women sthey offer a lot for Edward's condition and in the end, despite the hatred, they tighten a sort of loving relationship. Teresa tries to hug her to understand her pain, but Carmela initially rejects her, then after a few episodes she lets herself be comforted and the two forge this particular friendship.

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3

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