Metro line 1, Funiculars and buses in Naples at Easter and Easter Monday 2022: timetables

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The ANM communicated the service hours for Easter e Easter Monday relatively to meter line 1, Central, Montesanto and Chiaia funiculars ed bus numbers. On Sunday 17 April and Monday 18 April 2022 there will be reductions in the service, as every year.

We point out that from April 15 the capacity on means of transport has returned to 100%, that there is no longer a need for the Green Pass and that wearing a mask remains mandatory.

Here are all the schedules, remembering that too EAV has published the times for the holidays.

Subway 1 Line

17th April

The closing is anticipated at 13.00 and the last races will be:

  • from Piscinola to Garibaldi at 12.32
  • from Garibaldi to Piscinola at 12.58

18th April

On Easter Monday the ordinary holiday schedule will follow. On the ANM website there are timetables in detail.

Funicolari Centrale, Chiaia and Montesanto

17th April

Early closing with last rides at 13.30

18th April

The ordinary time will follow which will be from 7.00 to 22.00.

Bus, tram and trolleybus

17th April

Festive service follows with break in the afternoon from 13.30 at 16.30.

From this time onwards the service continues at a reduced rate for the following buses: 128 - 181 - 140 - 143 -165 - 612–633 - C16– C31 - 502 - R6 -139 -147– 144 -162 -168 - 201- 204 -254 - C63 - C67 - 116 - 151- 154 -158 -173 -175 -182 - 184 - 195 - 196 - R2 - R5.

18th April

On Easter Monday the ordinary holiday schedule will follow.

On the ANM website you can consult the updated timetables for buses, trams and trolley buses.

Alibus service

17th April

On Easter day the ordinary service follows festive with afternoon break. Thelast departure in the morning da Airport Capodichino is at hours 13:30, While the first afternoon departure from Airport is at 15:45.

18th April

The ordinary holiday service follows Easter Monday.

On the ANM website you can consult in detail the Alibus timetables for both days.

Elevators ANM

At Easter they are open until 13.00, while on Easter Monday they follow the ordinary hours until 21.30.

ANM car parks

Both at Easter and Easter Monday the Brin parking it is open 24 / 24h and the Bleachers e Mancini they are open from 7.20 to 23.30.

ANM Point

17th April

The Anm point of Piazza Garibaldi, City Hall Line 1, Parco Margherita (Chiaia Funicular), Fuga e Augusteo (Central Funicular), Montesanto. The times are from 7.00 am until interruption mMetro, Funicular and bus services.

18th April

  • The AnmPoint of Piazza Garibaldi, Municipio Linea 1, Parco Margherita (Chiaia Funicular), Fuga (Central Funicular) and Montesanto are open from 7.00 - 20.30.
  • Brin and Augusteo (Central Funicular) open 07.00-13.54.
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