Metro line 1 Naples, early closure on 6 June 2022: timetables

Metro train in Naples
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In recent weeks we have, paradoxically, got used to the early closures of Metro 1, perhaps confident that these closures will correspond to a sudden launch of the highly anticipated new trains.

Also Monday 6 June 2022 la metro line 1 of Naples will make one early closing to allow some scheduled verification activities.

As already mentioned, we remind you that for several months numerous tests and checks have been underway to ensure that the new underground trains can enter service, we will have to wait a little longer for what now looks like a Penelope canvas.

The times of the last races

In anticipation of the early closure of June 6, here are the times of the last evening services:

  • from Piscinola to Garibaldi at 20.28;
  • from Garibaldi to Piscinola at 20.54.

The new trains that will come into service

After the tests, they fortunately stand always resulting positive and overcome the nightmare of the delay due toaccident over a year ago, we will finally be able to have a more efficient service and also decidedly reduced waiting times compared to the current ones.

If you're wondering what the new trains will look like, here are the features:

  • they will be as large as they can hold up to 1200 passengers;
  • reliable;
  • with European frequency and waiting times up to 7 minutes;
  • with plant of conditioning;
  • noise reduction;
  • there will be four wheelchairs for the disabled.
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