Naples Scudetto party, traffic device for April 30, 2023

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Updates: traffic device for 3,4,5 May 2023

The city is preparing to celebrate it Napoli scudetto, but for obvious reasons the City of Naples has set up a traffic device for the party that will take place on 30 April 2023. Below, the responsibilities information concerning the device and restrictions on the circulation of vehicles.

Updates: The start time of the device has been updated, no longer from 12:00 but from 14:00

Prohibition of transit and vehicular circulation

Il prohibition of transit and vehicular circulation will be in effect from hours 12:00 14:00 (timetable has been updated) by Sunday 30 April at 4:00 on Monday 1 May 2023. The area affected by the prohibition is described in the plan attached to this deed and includes:

THEarea inside the perimeter:

  • Largo Sermoneta
  • Via Francesco Caracciolo
  • Via Partenope
  • Via Nazario Sauro
  • Via Admiral Ferdinando Acton
  • Via Christopher Columbus
  • Via Nuova Marina
  • Via Ponte della Maddalena
  • Via Reggia di Portici
  • Via Emanuele Gianturco
  • Via Taddeo da Sessa
  • Southern Course
  • Via Florence
  • Piazza Principe Umberto
  • Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi
  • Piazza Carlo III
  • Via Foria
  • Piazza Cavour
  • National Museum Square
  • Via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi
  • Via Salvator Rosa
  • Giuseppe Mazzini Square
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele
  • Piedigrotta ascent
  • Sanazar Square
  • Via Mergellina

Further roads closed to the transit and circulation of vehicles

  • Amedeo di Savoia Course
  • Via Salvator Rosa (from piazza Mazzini to flowerbed Santacroce)
  • Via Torquato Tasso
  • Ascent of the cave
  • Gallery 4 Days
  • Lazio Gallery
  • Via Fuorigrotta (from via delle Legioni to the confluence with the Lazio tunnel)
  • Via Orazio

Map of restricted areas

Exemptions from the ban on circulation

By way of derogation from the aforementioned prohibition, they may circulate:

  1. Vehicles of law enforcement, rescue and emergency forces;
  2. Cars carrying disabled with significantly reduced walking ability, equipped with the card duly issued by the competent Authority, as well as the vehicles of Napoli Servizi Spa used for transporting the disabled;
  3. Vehicles registered to Public bodies, companies and companies providing public services, as well as those in emergency call or used for the transport of material and/or personnel assigned to the execution of urgent and public utility works and works;
  4. Motor vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds with a doctor on a home visit for emergency calls, as well as those with operators on board journalistic and radio and television information sectoras well as professional photographers;
  5. Motor vehicles, motorcycles and the mopeds they carry therapeutic or medicinal gases;
  6. Vehicles and buses of the companies public transport, taxis, cars for hire with driver;
  7. Motor vehicles, provided they have a capacity of less than 3,5 tons, used for the transport of medicines and / or medical supplies of urgent and non-deferable use adequately certified;
  8. Vehicles of participants a religious or civil ceremonies (baptisms, weddings, funerals) scheduled on block days. The request for derogation can be sent by fax or by mail to the Local Police Service together with the certification of the parish priest or of the registrar;
  9. Vehicles owned by police force personnel called to assume or leave the service under this device.
  • Download document of the ordinance: download

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