Naples, reduced public transport for the European elections

Ann bus to Naples

Reduced public transport for the 2014 European Elections due to the use of some employees in electoral operations

On the occasion of the European Elections that will be held Sunday May 25 2014, Anm e Metronapoli inform that disruptions may occur in the transport sector in the city of Naples.

From Friday 23 May, and until Tuesday 27 May 2014, Some ANM buses will not circulate, and some outputs Metro Line 1 will remain closed, due to the use, permitted by law, of a part of ANM employees in electoral operations, it will not allow to guarantee the regular performance of the services.

These are the Anm bus that which will be suppressed from 24 to 27 May 2014:

  •  C7, C11, C14, C51, C53, C59, C65, C76, C84, C87 and 172
  • C35, C98, 156 and 615 (excluding 25 May)
  • C71 (excluding 25 and 26 days in May)

These are the secondary outputs of the stations of the 1 Line subway which will remain closed up to May 29:

  • Rione Alto, Montedonzelli, Montecalvario (from the Toledo station) and Salvator Rosa
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Written by Valentina D'Andrea
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