Strike of Metro Line 1, funiculars and buses on May 26, stop 24h

subway line 1

The public transport company of Naples, ANM, has recently informed that Friday 26 May the USB Union Organization proclaimed a 24-hour general strike.
This action takes place in response to the national strike called by all public and private categories.

If there will be an interruption of the service, given that it will depend on the adhesion of the employees, it will be managed in compliance with the guarantee bands.

On strike EAV will also join with Circumvesuviana, Cumana, Circumflegrea and its bus lines, you will find all the details in the dedicated study.

Changes to public transport service hours

Surface lines

As regards the surface lines (tram, bus, trolleybus):

  • The service will be guaranteed 5:30 am - 8:30 am e 17:00 am - 20:00 am.
  • The last departures are scheduled 30 minutes before of the start of the strike.
  • Service is expected it will resume about 30 minutes later the end of the strike.

Subway 1 Line

  • Early morning run from Piscinola is scheduled at 06:30 and Garibaldi at 07:10.
  • In case of joining the strike, the last morning run will start from Piscinola and Garibaldi 09: 10.
  • The service will resume in the afternoon, with the first ride from Piscinola at 17:03 and Garibaldi at 17:43.
  • The last evening ride is guaranteed by Piscinola and Garibaldi at 19:34.


Regarding the Mergellina, Centrale and Montesanto funiculars:

  • The last morning run is scheduled 09: 20.
  • The service will resume with the first afternoon run at 17pm.
  • The last race evening will be at 19:50.

The plant of Chiaia will remain closed for the works, but an NC shuttle service will be active, which will follow the guarantee bands of the buses.

The reasons for the General Strike

Reasons for workers to join the general strike include demands for wage increases, opposition to new legislative policies, migrant workers' rights, Differentiated Autonomy and many others.

Detailed reasons

Workers require:

  • Salary increases of 300 euros to compensate for the price increase and wage losses accumulated during the last contractual rounds.
  • Opposition to the new procurement code, which could liberalize the entire system with serious consequences on safety and job insecurity.
  • Opposition to the so-called Cutro decree, which could lead thousands of migrant workers back into hiding.
  • THEDifferentiated Autonomy, which could increase territorial and social disparities.
  • Fiscal delegation, which could reduce the progressivity of the system and further increase social inequalities.
  • The abolition of VAT on essential goods and the levy on financial income and large estates.
  • A ceiling on the prices of basic necessities.
  • La detaxation of pensions, to align with other European countries, and a increase in minimum pensions to 1000 euros.
  • The recruitment of one million people in the Public Administration, the stabilization of precarious workers and the scrolling of the rankings of the competitions already completed.
  • The defense of Basic income and the overcoming of the conditionalities that limited its applicability.
  • A law on minimum wage of at least 10 euros per hour on the table minimums.
  • The reduction of working hours at 32 hours at equal pay.
  • The right to free and accessible public services, such as education, health care and public transport.
  • The right to housing.
  • The protection of health and safety in the workplace and the introduction of the crime of homicide at work.
  • The opposition to the subjection of educational institutions to the interests of private companies and to the PCTO (Path for Soft Skills and Orientation).
  • The defense of the right to strike.
  • Opposition to our country's involvement in the war in Ukraine and the sending of weapons and resources to theaters of war.

How to contact ANM to stay updated

To stay updated on the strike and any changes to transport services, you can contact the ANM contact center toll-free number 800 639525 active from Monday to Friday from hour to hour 6.30 20.00. Updated information will also be available on the ANM social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) and at the Anmpoints in the metro and funicular stations.

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