Metro strike line 1, Funiculars and buses in Naples on 12 May 2021

Central Funicular of Naples
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The 4-hour strike in Naples involving metro line 1, the Funiculars and buses on May 12, 2021. Here are the timetables.

THEANM of Naples adheres to national strike of public transport planned for Wednesday May 12 2021 and which will last for 4 hours. Company employees will cross their arms from 11.00 am to 15.00 pm and the reasons concern the renewal of the Autoferrotranvieri CCNL and the payment of the contractual indemnity.

The strike, called by the USB trade union organization, provides for guarantee time slots, as usual.

Here are all the details regarding the meter line 1, Funicular e bus, tram and trolleybus. EAV also joins the strike.

Bus, tram and trolleybus

The last departures of the surface lines will be made 30 minutes before the start of the strike, while the first restarts in the afternoon will take place 30 minutes after the end of the strike.

Subway 1 Line

  • Last run from Garibaldi 10 hours: 25
  • Last race from Piscinola at 10: 25
  • First run from Garibaldi 16 hours: 35
  • First run from Piscinola 15 hours: 55

Chiaia, Montesanto and Centrale Funiculars

  • Last run 10: 40
  • First run hours 15: 20

Funicular of Mergellina

Closed. However, the 621 shuttle bus is active on the Funicular route and follows the bus guarantee bands. The times are indicated on the ANM website (taking into account the fact that it adheres to the strike).

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