Metro strike 1 line, Funiculars and buses in Naples 11 October 2021

Metro line 1 Naples
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10.20 hours update:

  • Bus and tram: reduced service;
  • Chiaia, Ventaglieri and Sanità lifts: active service;
  • Metro line 1: active service excluding the IV Giornate station, closed to the public;
  • Montesanto funicular: active service;
  • Central and Chiaia funiculars: service suspended after the last run in the guarantee band at 09:20.


Monday 11 October 2021 it is expected general strike which will also concern the means of transport a Napoli. It will last for 24 hours and the ANM means involved are the bus numbers, meter line 1 and Montesanto, Centrale and Chiaia Funiculars.

Adheres toUSB Trade Union Organization and all public and private categories participate in this strike that was called by ADL COBAS - CIB UNICOBAS - CLAP - COBAS CONFEDERATION - COBAS SCHOOL SARDINIA - CUB - OFF MARKET - SGB - SI COBAS - SIAL COBAS - SLAI COBAS - USB - USI CIT.

Here are the timetables in Naples. Also EAV adheres to the strike, as well as the meter line 2.


The buses in the city will circulate in the guaranteed time slots from 5.30 am to 8.30 pm e from 17.00 am to 20.00 pm. During the rest of the day there may be inconveniences, suspensions, cancellations and delays. The last departures are scheduled half an hour before the start of the strike and half an hour after its end.

Subway 1 line

First ride before the strike in the morning:

  • from Piscinola: 6.42
  • from Garibaldi: 7.22

Last ride before the strike in the morning:

  • from Piscinola: 9.16
  • from Garibaldi: 9.14

First race in the afternoon, before the strike resumed:

  • from Piscinola: 17.12
  • from Garibaldi: 17.52

Last race before the strike resumed:

  • from Garibaldi: 19.44
  • from Piscinola: 19.46

Chiaia, Montesanto and Centrale Funiculars

  • Last run before the strike in the morning: 9.20
  • First race in the afternoon before the strike resumes: 17.00
  • Last race before the strike resumed: 19.50

Funicular of Mergellina

The funicular is closed, but the 621 bus shuttle on the same path.

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