Metro strike line 1, Funiculars and buses in Naples on December 16, 2021

Metro line 1 Naples
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Thursday 16 December 2021 there will be one strike national organized by various trade unions and also the company ANM of Naples will join with its own means of transport.

The workers will cross their arms from 00.01 am to 23.59 pm, therefore it will be a 24 hour strike and there will be inconvenience for travelers to meter line 1, bus numbers, tram and Funiculars of Chiaia, Centrale, Montesanto and Mergellina.

Here are the guarantee periods.

Bus, tram and trolleybus

The service is guaranteed from 5:30 to 8:30 and from 17:00 to 20:00. The last departures will be made about 30 minutes before the strike starts and the first runs will take place 30 minutes after the strike ends.

Subway 1 line

  • First ride from Piscinola in the morning: 6:42 am
  • First ride from Garibaldi in the morning: 7:22 am
  • Last ride from Garibaldi in the morning: 9:14 am
  • Last ride from Piscinola in the morning: 9:16 am
  • First race from Piscinola in the afternoon: 17:22 pm
  • First ride from Garibaldi in the afternoon: 17:52 pm
  • Last bus from Piscinola in the afternoon: 19:46 pm
  • Last bus from Garibaldi in the afternoon: 19:44 pm

Chiaia, Montesanto, Mergellina and Centrale funiculars

  • Last bus in the morning: 9:20 am
  • First race in the afternoon: 17 pm
  • Last evening run: 19 pm

The reasons for the strike

The trade unions CGIL and UIL have called this strike as an operation of dissent against the 2022 Budget Law.

The Government's maneuver was deemed insufficient in relation to many sectors. In fact, according to the trade unions, more could and should be done in the field of taxation, pensions, schools, industrial policies and the fight against relocations, but also in the field of combating job insecurity, especially of young people and women.

Update at 9.30

After the warranty band runs in the morning, the situation is as follows:

  • Central, Chiaia and Montesanto funiculars: suspended service
  • Metro line 1: suspended service
  • Bus, tram and trolleybus: reduced service

Update at 15.30

  • The Montesanto Funicular is back active with the first run at 15:00
  • The Chiaia and Centrale Funiculars service remains suspended and will be active to cover the afternoon guarantee band with the first run at 17:00
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