Elections in Naples, metro line 1 and reduced-service buses for 3 days: employees committed to the polling stations

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Three hard days for transport in Naples, indeed especially for travelers, because there will be on the occasion of the political elections far fewer drivers and train drivers on duty from 24 to 26 September 2022.

As we know, the September 25 we are going to vote for the new Parliament, this means that the work of many will be needed tellers in polling stations. As often happens, many employees of Neapolitan transport companies will also be engaged on this front, however, creating inconvenience for travelers.

ANM employees are among them, but there will also be inconvenience for EAV.

Metro line 1 and bus service: reductions and closures

La meter line 1, which serves the route from Garibaldi to Dante, will operate in the middle from 24 to 26 September. In fact, the train will only cover the route from between Piscinola and Dante, in both directions, leaving the other stations closed, that is Toledo, City Hall, University and Garibaldi.

La Chiaia Funicularinstead, it will only do direct runs and also i buses will circulate in a reduced manner based on the drivers who will be engaged in the polling stations.

In total, they are 300 employees who will not work in transport over the weekend, as ANM communicates:

due to the significant number of requests (about 300) for electoral permits by employees to fill the role of presidents, tellers and list representatives, the service will undergo changes.

Here are the changes to the service for metro line 1:

First races:

  • from Piscinola, at 06:00;
  • from Dante, 06:28 am.

Last races:

  • from Piscinola, at 22:30;
  • from Dante, 23:10 am.
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