Giacomo Giorgio (Ciro Ricci) of Mare Fuori in the cast of Diabolik 2?


Will Giacomo Giorgio (Ciro Ricci) of Mare Fuori be in the second film dedicated to Diabolik, the thief born from the pain of cartoonist Angela Giussani? Here's what we know.

The news continues for James George, that with her Cyrus Ricci made the hearts of fans of Sea Out.

Returned from Spoleto Festival, the Neapolitan actor, in a story on Instagram, announced that he had been chosen for the cast of Diabolik 2.

Diabolik 2: what will be the role of Giacomo Giorgio?

The second film dedicated to the ruthless thief created by the cartoonist Angela Giussani when she was still a novice author (her sister joined her later Luciana Giussani, who cared about the making of the stories), will be titled "Diabolik-Ginko on the attack!".

Diabolik 2, made by Manetti Bros, will be released in all Italian cinemas on November 17, 2022.

It is not known what the role will be held by Giacomo Giorgio (Ciro Ricci) of Mare Fuori and the same silence, for the moment, also applies to the plot of the film.

However, if the Diabolik-Ginko on the attack! the story of the comic of the same name will follow, we'll see Diabolik clash with Ginko, his bitterest enemy, who will force him to flee desperately.

Alone, without shelter, without wealth and without any help, the thief will really find himself cornered.

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