Day of the 2018 tourist guide in Naples and in Campania: free guided tours of Campania's heritage

international day of the tour guide in naples and campania
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On the occasion of the day of the 2018 tourist guide in Naples and Campania, 33 will organize free guided tours in 29 different itineraries.

Il 21, 24 and 25 February 2018 will be held in Naples and throughout the Campania region international day of the tourist guide where the guides will offer 33 free guided tours made in 29 different itineraries, with the moral patronage of the Campania Region and the Municipality of Naples, and the support of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Italian Motorcycling Federation.

And it is this last federation that will allow to realize some exclusive motorcycle tours discovering the beauties of Campania with guided tours. The itineraries are many and suitable for all tastes: we go from visits to monuments, art exhibitions to itineraries to discover the city, its architecture and its streets.

We add below the program related to only city of Naples but itineraries are available throughout the Campania region and for the sake of brevity we do not mention all the contacts for each single event. All information will be available in the links that we add in the mirror.

We remind you that only the guided tour will be offered but the entrance ticket is charged to the participants. Reservations for visits are mandatory to the numbers and contacts mentioned in the program.


Wednesday February 21


Appointment: via Cappella Vecchia, 31 - 15 hours and 17 hours

From De Nittis to Gemito: Neapolitans in Paris in the years of Impressionism

Appointment: Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano - 10,30

In the footsteps of the Apostle Peter in Naples: legend or reality?

Appointment: St. Peter's Basilica in Aram, 10,30 hours

Ascent Two Doors to the Arenella and Materdei

Appointment: Piazza Francesco Muzii, 9,45 hours

Saturday February 24

National Museum of Ceramics, Duke of Martina

Appointment entry Floridiana, Hours 16

"The Terracotta Army" in the Basilica of the Holy Spirit

The Triplets Piazza Dante (under the statue), 10 hours

"Napoli on spot": relay race

Appointment: Porta San Gennaro, 9,30 hours

"Napoli on spot": relay race

Appointment: a Piazza Bellini, Hours 9,30

Itinerary: Who said that the sea does not wet Naples?

Appointment Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino), 10,30 hours

Saturday and Sunday 24 25 February

Basilica of S. Maria della Sanità

Visits every 30 minutes from 10 to 11,30

The health capuzzelle: Fountains cemetery

Hourly visits from 10 to 15

Sunday 25th of

Walking around Spaccanapoli - guided tour in Russian or Ukrainian

Appointment: Piazza del Gesù Nuovo (tourist information office) 10 hours: 30

San Severo Chapel

Appointment: Piazza San Domenico 11 hours and 16 hours

Information on the day of the tourist guide

When: 21, 24 and 25 February 2018

Where: various locations in Naples

Price: free guided tour but eventual admission fee is payable by the participants

Contacts: facebook page | Official site |Program of the day of the 2018 tourist guide

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