Mare Fuori 3: Edoardo will die in season number 3, that's why

The new season di Sea Out will see in the center of the scenes Edoardo, Matteo Paolillo, who we remember is also the singer who interprets the song of the opening theme.

After telling you about a scene in which Edo is at Liz's house, the prison guard, after having escaped from the juvenile prison in Naples, we are now ready to bring you a very important spoiler: Edoardo di Mare Fuori will probably die in the third season.

Spoiler: Edoardo dies at sea Out 3

in last tweet we could understand that the link between Liz and Edoardo it will tighten further. In recent seasons we have already seen the prison guard have at heart the boys of the IPM, in particular Edoardo. In his Instagram status Annamaria Admire yourself, the actress who plays Liz, posted a scene in which Maximus the commander consoles her and tears of pain can be seen on her face. The fans immediately put two and two together: the woman cries for the disappearance of Edoardo.

More details confirm the death of Edoardo in Mare Fuori

Let's go back not only to the famous scene where we have the hearse outside the IPM of Naples, but also to a photo posted by Maria Esposito (Curly Rose on the show, sister of Ciro Ricci) which she published Carmela (Giovanna Sannino, Carmela in the show as well as Edoardo e mother of her child) dressed with black clothes in a scene from Mare Fuori 3.

Too many details seem to point to a fundamental disappearance. We remember, in fact, that Matteo Paolillo is among the most followed actors di Mare Fuori, above all thanks to his character Edoardo and his love story, in fiction, with Teresa.

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Image Credits: Instagram profile Matteo Paolillo (@matteopaolilloofficial)
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