Mare Fuori 3 spoilers: will a character die in the next season?

The new season of Sea Out shooting is underway, as the young actor / singer confirmed Matthew Paulillo during an interview with the Sorridendo Film Festival. Furthermore, he stated that the theme of isolation and of violence they will still be hot trends for this TV series that has struck the many spectators with its harsh reality.

Recently he is shooting a videos on social networks, especially on TikTok, which immediately attracted fans of the series. On the set of season number 3 of Mare Fuori, in fact, a hearse. What will this mean?

Mare Fuori 3: will Commander Massimo be the one to die?

We know that the RAI fiction he has no problem eliminating a character easily in order to respect the harsh reality staged by the plot of the series.

Attention spoilers seasons 1 and 2.

As we have seen in previous seasons, there have been various characters in Mare Fuori who have died or come close to death. Important protagonists such as Ciro e Nina, Carmine's partner. Two deaths that easily snapped the spectators.

The video that is shooting on social networks

A new hearse on the set will it mean a new disappearance? The hypothesis is high and in the comments users even talk about the death of the Commanding (Massimo, played by Carmine Recano) since the color of the coffin is brown and not white like that which could be designated for a minor (the boys being detained in the juvenile prison are all under 18 years old).

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In the video the song of the soundtrack of the series, specifically Ddoje mane by Stefano Lentini feat Raiz.

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