Mare Fuori: all the places in Naples from the Neapolitan series

Mare Fuori: the places of Naples in the Neapolitan series
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Sea Out is a Rai series that has also arrived on Netflix. With the arrival on the latter platform it has achieved great success and both Naples and the young Neapolitan actors are conquering the small screen. We have already had the opportunity to talk about this show thanks also to his international success.

Among the many questions concerning Mare Fuori, among the most popular we have: but where was the series filmed? Here, then, exactly location of Mare Fuori.

Where is Mare Fuori filmed? No, not a Nisida

Although the reference is clearly attributed at the Penal Institute for Minors of Nisida, in reality the main location is not the Flegrean island!

The prison scenes are clearly filmed at the naval base of the Navy of Naples (Molo San Vincenzo) in via Acton in Naples. All thanks to the work of the scenography department of the entirely Campania series, led by the scenographer Antonio Farina.

During the shooting dedicated to the outdoor activities of the boys, in the background we can often admire the Port of Naples and also the Maschio Angioino.

Part of the reconstruction at the Molo San Vincenzo
Part of the reconstruction at the Molo San Vincenzo

Mare Fuori resumes many areas of Naples

There are many scenes in which we can admire our Naples, from the neighborhoods, to the beaches of East Naples to the international one Toledo station of the Metro that welcomes Filippo (one of the protagonists) on his arrival in our city.

Furthermore, many scenes are also shot in Salerno.

From the official source we can find the official list of locations, at the moment, used for the seasons of Mare Fuori.

All the locations of Mare Fuori

Navy Headquarters Molo San Vincenzo, Gianturco district, Naples Business Center, via Tribunali, via Toledo, Toledo Metro Station, via Orazio, via Petrarca, Villa Doria D'Angri, Posillipo, Villa Grottamarina, Fuorigrotta district, Montesanto, Corso Vittorio Emmanuel, Pedamentina of San Martino, Santa Lucia al Monte climb, Hotel San Francesco al Monte, Stairs of Santa Maria Apparente, Monaldi Hospital in Naples. Salerno – Port of Salerno; Cava de' Tirreni.

Photo gallery of the Mare Fuori location

Here are some photos taken from Film Commissions

Staircase of San Pasquale
Molo San Vincenzo - heliport
Molo San Vincenzo - heliport
Cava de 'Tirreni
Naples Directional Center
Port of Salerno
The prison entirely rebuilt
Cover photo: source Film Commissions, photo by Sabrina Cirillo
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