ANM timetables on New Year's Eve 2021: metro, funiculars and buses stop for lunch

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The means of transport ANM a Napoli follow a schedule of reduced service during the New Year holidays in Naples, therefore in the days of 31 December 2021 and 1 January 2022 travelers may suffer discomfort when traveling.

La meter line 1, the bus, the tram, the trolleybus and Chiaia funiculars, Montesanto and Centrale terminate the service earlier than usual, while the Mergellina funicular is closed.

Let's see the timetables in detail. We remember that even at Christmas the service is reduced.

Let's see the timetables in detail.

Transportation stops at lunchtime on January 1st

As happened on Christmas day, even on New Year's day, that is the1st January, the ANM vehicles will be in service until lunchtime.

Unfortunately citizens and tourists will have to undergo the reduced service because all means, then buses, trams, trolley buses, metro line 1 and funiculars will operate until 13.00 about (all the details are in the paragraphs below).

On the last of the year, on December 31st, the service will be active until dinner time approximately.

Metro timetable 1 line

31th December

  • last race from Piscinola: 19.18
  • last race from Garibaldi: 19.44

1st January

  • last race from Piscinola: 12.32
  • last race from Garibaldi: 12.58

Funicolari Centrale, Chiaia and Montesanto

31th December

  • last run: 19.40pm

1st January

  • last run: 13.00pm

Funicular of Mergellina

La Funicular has been closed for many months now and the New Year period is no exception. Therefore, compared to other funiculars it will not be possible to use it even for a few hours.

Buses, trams and trolley buses

31th December

  • the service runs until 20.00 (last runs from the terminus at 19.00)

1st January

  • ordinary service until 13.30pm
  • after which there will be the interruption of the service which will resume at 16.00 with a limited number of lines
  • the lines that will operate from 16.00: 128-181-140–143-165-612–633-C16–C31-502-R6-139-147-144-162–168–201-204-254-C63-C67-116-151-154-158–175-182-184-195–196–601 (sostituisce il Tram 1) R2–R5-178-173-169
  • the night lines do not carry out the service

Alibus to and from the airport

31th December

  • last departure from the airport to the port and vice versa at 19.15 pm

1st January

  • in service until 13:00
  • service interruption from 13:00 to 15:45
  • the service resumes with the last run from the Port at 21 pm and from the airport at 30 pm

Public elevators

31th December

Open until 14:00

1st January

Open until 13:30

6st January

Open until 14:00

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