Metro strike 1 line, Funiculars and buses in Naples on 28 April 2022: timetables

ANM bus to Naples

Thursday April 28 2022 a new one is expected strike in Naples relating to ANM means, ie meter line 1, Chiaia, Montesanto, Centrale and Mergellina funiculars, bus, trams and trolley buses.

It was proclaimed by the trade union organization CONFAIL FAISA and will last for 4 hours, from 11.00 am to 15.00 pm. As with every strike occasion, there are guarantee time slots.

Let's see what they are, remembering that April 22 is also expected general national strike and that on April 28 EAV also goes on strike.

Chiaia, Centrale, Montesanto and Mergellina Funicular timetables

  • Last run before the strike at 10.40
  • First race after the strike at 15.20

Recall that the Mergellina Funicular reopened a few days ago after two years of closure.

Metro timetable 1 line

Last races before the strike:

  • from Piscinola: 10.26 am
  • from Garibaldi: 10.24 am

First races after the strike:

  • from Piscinola: 15.48 am
  • from Garibaldi: 16.28 am

Bus, tram and trolleybus timetables

Buses, trolley buses and trams will run last runs up to 30 minutes earlier about the start of the strike, while the first runs resume about 30 minutes later the end of the strike.

The reasons for the strike

At the base of next Thursday's strike there is above all the question of renewal of the national collective bargaining agreement for the category which expired in 2017.

Not only that, because the workers require more attention and all on the issue of job security also consider the new problems that have arisen due to the Covid-19 pandemic, currently still in progress, which also caused problems in the reorganization of the work.

10.52 hours update

  • Central, Chiaia and Mergellina Funiculars: the service is suspended
  • Metro line 1 Salvator Rosa and Duomo: suspended service
  • Corridor Metro Line 1 Museo / Metro Line 2 Cavour: suspended service
  • Tram, bus and trolleybus: reduced service
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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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