Belen Rodriguez, ended up with Stefano De Martino, the kiss with Elio

Belen Rodriguez and Elio Lorenzoni

The weekly Chi, always attentive to the events of the VIPs, formalizes the end of the love story between Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartino: the Argentinian showgirl paparazzi while kissing her new boyfriend. That's who she is.

It's over definitively between Belen Rodríguez e Stephen DeMartino: the two, to avoid the storm of gossip, have not made an official announcement, but the latest photos of the Argentine showgirl, published by the weekly Chi, they confirmed the breakup and put the point to the love story between Rodriguez and the Neapolitan conductor.

You can see them in the photos Belen Rodriguez ed Elio Lorenzoni, the entrepreneur from Brescia with whom he would have already established a "very strong bond", kissing and exchanging fiery hugs at the birthday party of Ignatius Moser, where the Argentine showgirl would have brought her new boyfriend to make him known to the family.

Belen Rodriguez ed Elio Lorenzoni, hot caresses at Ignazio Moser's birthday

Belen Rodriguez ed Elio Lorenzoni they were, together with her family and future spouses, that is Ignazio Moser and Cecilia Rodriguez, The Mimosa Polo Club of Pogliano Milanese. Birthday party over, Santiago DeMartino would go away with the grandparents, while the two fell in love, having taken with them Luna Mari, would have left the party in the car of Elio and they would then park under the building of Belen Rodriguezwhere they would spend the night together.

Now that we also know the surname, we can give a few more details: Elio Lorenzoni he studied economics and business management at the Catholic University of Milan, is an expert in golf and e-bikes, is president of Lorenzmotors and director of Lorenzoni Srl, which deals with motorcycles, accessories and components all over the world.

She is in her 40s and unlike Belen Rodriguez, it seems that he has not made himself known on social networks (his profile on Instagram, by the way, is private). We don't know the exact date of birthnor the height.

He also had a profile on Linkedin, but which, currently, is removed from the platform.

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Written by Frances Orelli
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