Totò, Art and Humanity in Naples: program of events 50 years after his death

Events for Totò in Naples 50 years after his death

In Naples, events, film sets, theatrical performances and exhibitions in the program of "Totò, Art and Humanity"!

For the 50 ° anniversary of the death of Antonio De Curtis, in art Totó, the Campania Region in collaboration with the Campania Festival Foundation and the Film Commission Foundation has planned a program full of initiatives that will take place from 12 April to 1 July 2017.

This is a series of events that is added to the other initiatives scheduled for this year dedicated entirely to the great Antonio De Curtis. For the Prince of laughter, in fact, the exhibition Totò Genio, un calendar of events in various places in the citya special coin from 5 euro, will be conferred to him Laurea Honoris Cause for memory and the will be dedicated to him May of the Monuments.


From 12 April to 9 July - Totò Genio exhibition

The exhibition will be set up Maschio Angioino, Royal Palace and in complex of San Domenico Maggiore and unpublished material will be exhibited thanks to the collaboration of many partners.
For more information, the article on Totò Genio exhibition.

15th April

He will leave "Totò, turn around!", made in succession in Rome, Milan and Naples by Teatri Uniti, in which there will be the reconstruction of some film sets with the re-installation site-specific of famous scenes from his films. A transmedia experiment will be presented with contents produced through the languages ​​of cinema, theater and the web.

On the same day, at 10.30, at the Rione Sanità in Naples, Totò's birthplace, it will be inaugurated the installation of the Monolite by Giuseppe Desiato, entitled "Totò the man in one piece that left a great emptiness", which represents one of the actor's mimic interpretations.

16th April

The Campania Region and RAI 2 present "Our Totò", a program created by the CPTV Rai of Naples in which the artist and Naples will be honored with the participation of many protagonists of Italian culture, cinema and theater.

27 28 and April

At the Trianon Viviani Theater in Forcella, it will go on stage "Totò what a tragedy!", a recital that is a mix between theater, showroom and opera, which highlights the more private world of the Prince and the tormented love with the dancer Liliana Castagnola.

6st May

At the RAI Auditorium in Naples, he will be on stage The Symphony of Totò, a musical show created with the soundtracks of his most popular film hits including Totò seeks home, Guards and thieves, Totò, Peppino and the dolce vita, Neapolitan Turkish Totò, Misery and nobility.

20 and 21 June

Diagonal Convention "Totò at the Suor Orsola Benincasa University", dedicated to the entire production of the artist accompanied by a digital performance in which contemporary actors will dialogue with the lexical corpora more significant than Totò's repertoire.


Throughout the celebratory period the Rione Sanità will host a cycle of concerts in Piazza Sanità:

May 10 - 21.00 pm

Concert by Marco Zurzolo.

June 3 - 21.00 pm

Valentina Stella concert.

1 July - 21.00 pm

Concert-show entitled "Welcome to the Rione Sanità", for the artistic direction of Alessandro Siani, with Francesco Cicchella, Clementino, Pasquale Palma, Rosalia Porcaro, Andrea Sannino, and with the Sanitansamble orchestra, "an ensemble made in Rione Sanità".

Information on Totò, Art and Humanity

When: from 12 April to 1 July 2017, various events

Where: different locations in Naples

Price: free outdoor meetings and shows | in the theater there is a single seat 10 euros

Info: Totò, Art and Humanity

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Written by Valeria Muollo
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