Sanremo, Chiara Ferragni, here is the dress and its meaning

Chiara Ferragni after doing its first stairway of the Sanremo Festival with a Dior dress, which carried the writing "think free", hers, on her shoulders second descent ha upset even more spectators of the Festival.

Ferragni went down the steps of the Sanremo Festival 2023 completely naked or, at least, so it seemed. But she suffered reassured all: I'm not naked, but this dress is designed following the shapes of my body. So it's a reproduction, therefore, un' illusion of nakedness

But what means this dress for Chiara Ferragni? Amadeus asked her this question and her answer was clear and strong:

This dress has a very important meaning for me, because a woman's body must never generate hatred or shame

Here is his sofficial folding on his Instagram profile:

The Shameless Dress:

Refocus attention on women's rights women, Of their the body and on how disposing of the female body from them is, unfortunately, still considered discussed and questionable. That's the goal behind this look. The idea of ​​a dress that simulated Chiara's naked body came to us immediately, taking inspiration from a creation by @mariagraziachiuri for @dior for spring/summer 2018. Made in high fashion ateliers @dior the flesh-colored tulle dress reproduces the body of @chiarferragni natural and freed from that shame that they have always imposed on everyone, starting with Eve, the first woman in history induced to feel ashamed.

This illusion of nakedness wants to remind everyone of the right and equality of kind they have in showing, disposing of themselves without having to feel judged or guilty. This illusion of nudity is a reminder that anyone who decides to appear or feel sexy does not authorize anyone to justify the violence of men or to mitigate their faults.

This is the body of a woman, That of @chiarferragni who would like to give a voice to all the women of the world who are subjected to bans and abuses, to all those who are told that their body generates shame, that it is only an object of desire or that it instigates sin.

This is everyone's body. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone!

Fedez's answer

How will Ferragni's husband have reacted, Fedez? Very good, proving proud of her and her significant gestures. All summed up in her Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories @fedez

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