What to do and events in Naples over the weekend from 2 to 4 February

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The weekend into Campania and Napoli promises to be full of events, offering a wide range of activities ranging fromart and culture carnival celebrations, up to unique culinary experiences. Art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in innovative exhibitions at the Real Bosco di Capodimonte and at MANN, where creativity is expressed through modern installations and works that redefine the concept of art.

Lovers of the traditions and fun will find their place in the numerous parties of Carnival dotted across the region, from Villa Literno to Palma Campania and beyond, with events promising colorful parades, lively masks and entertainment for all ages.

There is no lack of attention to gastronomy, with workshops dedicated to the preparation of sausages that celebrate the authenticity of local flavours. A weekend in Campania is a journey through beauty, history and taste, waiting to be discovered.

Art and Culture


The Napoli Explosion exhibition at the Real Bosco di Capodimonte in Naples

opera Napoli Explosion
Inaugurated today, at the Cellaio in the Real Bosco di Capodimonte, the "Napoli Explosion" exhibition by Mario Amura, curated by the General Director Sylvain Bellenger, presents itself as a one-of-a-kind event.


Where: Real Bosco di Capodimonte


  • From 02 / 02 / 2024 to 04 / 02 / 2024


Sunday at the Museum in Naples and Campania 3 March, list of free museums

March 3, 2024, falls on the first Sunday of the month, marking the return of the "Sunday at the Museum" initiative. A special day that opens the doors for free to museums, archaeological sites and state cultural spaces both in Naples and Campania, offering everyone a unique opportunity for exploration and discovery.


Where: Naples and CampaniaThe: 03-03-2024


Balloon Museum Naples

balloon museum
The Balloon Museum had promised to return to Naples after the closure and, apparently, every promise is a debt! Inflatable art comes to life with a riot of colors and shapes at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples. Let us remember that this particular museum is not just an exhibition; it is an experience that enchants and amazes, a journey into creativity and fun.


Philip Colbert at the MANN in Naples with the House of the Lobster exhibition

Philip Colbert and his exhibition
Philip Colbert, known as Andy Warhol's heir, returns to Naples after enchanting the city with "The Lobster Empire" in Largo San Martino. This time, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) hosts its “House of the Lobster” project, scheduled from January 26 to April 1, 2024.


Where: MANN


  • From 02 / 02 / 2024 to 04 / 02 / 2024

Carnival parties


Carnival 2024 at Villa Literno, the big party with allegorical floats

Carnival wagon
The famous Villa Literno Carnival returns, the well-known unmissable celebration that enriches the calendar of carnival events with its 39th edition. The event, rooted in tradition since 1985, stands out for its ability to blend entertainment and social reflection, attracting hundreds of participants and visitors.


Where: Villa Literno


  • Saturday 03 February 2024
  • Sunday 04 February 2024


The Palma Campania Carnival 2024: the program of shows

Cropped shot of beautiful samba dancers performing in a carnival with their band
The appointment with the Carnival in Palma Campania, in the province of Naples, is renewed. It is an event that the citizens of Palma and those of neighboring cities always await with anxiety and trepidation, precisely because the city is filled with sounds, colors and lots of fun. This new edition of the carnival will also include a program full of events starting from 17 January and until 17 February 2024.


Where: Palma Campania


  • Sunday 04 February 2024
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Sarnese Carnival 2024: parades, masks and fun for everyone

Vintage carnival mask in front of glowing background
Also this year the colorful and fun appointment with the Sarnese Carnival is renewed which will allow you to spend special days full of fun and parades.


Where: Sarno


  • Sunday 04 February 2024
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Castelveterese Carnival 2024, parade, food stands and allegorical floats

The Castelveterese Carnival represents a prominent event in the panorama of traditional festivities, standing out for its richness of colours, creativity and artistic expressions. The event, rooted in local history and culture, takes place in a context that combines art, dance and tradition, transforming the town into a lively open-air theatre.


Where: Castelvetere on Heat


  • Sunday 04 February 2024


Chiacchiere in Naples, here's where to buy the best ones

Poppella chatter
Chiacchiere, typical holiday desserts, become the undisputed protagonists in the pastry shops of the city of Naples. Crunchy, crumbly and with an unmistakable texture, the delicacies are often accompanied by black pudding, creating a combination of tastes that reflects the festive and greedy soul of the city. Let's discover together where to find the best chiacchiere, on a journey that combines flavor and tradition in the renowned Neapolitan pastry shops.





Traditional cooking laboratory for the preparation of sausages (AV)

In an era in which traditions risk disappearing, the Municipal Administration of Torrioni, together with the Comunità Montana Partenio-Vallo di Lauro, the Youth Forum and the Generldea Odv Association, is committed to preserving the local culinary heritage through “Traditional cooking workshop“.


Where: TowersThe: 03-02-2024


The migration of turtles in Bacoli, an incredible natural event

Every year, the coasts of Bacoli become the stage of an extraordinary natural event: the migration of the naughty turtles. The protagonists embark on a long journey across the oceans, an odyssey guided by instinct that leads them to navigate the currents with millimeter precision.


Where: Villa CerilloThe: 03-02-2024

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