Sanremo Festival 2023: Anna Oxa responds to criticism "you are illiterate"

Anna Oxa in the cover of her song

Anna Oxa is now opening the Sanremo 2023 Festival historical participant of the Festival with 2 victories behind him. If he were to win again would equal the record, as yet undefeated, of VAT Zanicchi.

Unfortunately, given the premises, this does not seem to be the year of records for the singer from Bari, her song "Sali (Canto dell'anima)" does not convince the jury of the press room, which relegates her in last place.

Even the public was not convinced, Oxa's interpretation, in addition to the lyrics of the song, ignited many controversies and there are those who did not mince words in their criticisms: "it's incomprehensible".

Anna Oxa's response to criticism is not long in coming

La Oxa responds to the numerous criticisms through its social channels, passing through the press office which does not limit the pungent tones of the same. Accuse the public of not knowing how to listen or even understand a text in Italian.

The Oxarte company sympathizes with those who have had difficulty understanding the text and/or meaning of the passage
“Go up (Song of the soul)”.
For some, a less structured text in Italian is probably easier.
We can advise you to be followed by experts or listen to something else
with text structures
within the reach of one's abilities.
Thanks for the attention.

Oxarte, Anna Oxa's company

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