Mare Fuori: Are Massimiliano Caiazzo and Elena d'Amario together?

The love stories of Sea Out they talk a lot, both those on the set and those born off the set. We have first of all Maria Esposito (Rosa Ricci) and Antonio Orefice (Totò) are engaged in real life, but now another interesting union is emerging.

This time we find at the center of the rumors Massimiliano Caiazzo, who plays the co-star in the series Carmine DiSalvo, who could be engaged to the already known Elena d'Amario, participant ad Friends 2010 and now professional dancer in the same program.

The boy was born on August 28th, 1996, therefore 26 years, while d'Amario would be a few years older having been born in 1990, so 32 years. A difference of 6 years.

Are Massimiliano Caiazzo and Elena d'Amario together?

The two young people did not publicly spread the news of their relationship, but the clues social they seem quite certain. First of all, the couple shared the same song at the same time: "Rossetto e cioccolato" by Ornella Vanoni. Then the same emoji of a dragon and, again, another song "Poetry: How Does It Feel?" by Akua Naru.

To crown all these signs we have a good amount of like, of both, under their respective photos.

All coincidences? It seems really strange, so the hypothesis of a relationship, probably at the beginning, seems really certain.

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Image Credits: Instagram profile Massimiliano Caiazzo (@massicaiazzo)
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