Mare Fuori 4, Chiara from “Paola e Chiara” is Giulia's mother

Chiara Iezzi in Mare Fuori 4
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In Sea Out 4 we further saw an already very famous character in the world of music. Who are we talking about?

Not everyone had noticed, but already in Sea Out 3 an ultra-famous character has joined the cast: we are talking about Clare Lezzi. Does this name mean anything to you? It is one of the components of the famous duo “Paola and Clare”! One of the sisters, therefore, landed in one of the series most famous of the moment, but let's find out his role.

Chiara Iezzi and her role in Mare Fuori

His first appearance in Mare Fuori 3

In episode 10 of the third season entitled “The rules of friendship”, the first is launched flashback about the rapper Giulia. The girl seems to have run away from home to frequent a bad environment. There mother try to recover the daughter, very judgmental and this is the character who plays the Lezzi.

Chiara Iezzi in Mare Fuori 4

In fourth season further scenes are seen with Crazy-J (Giulia). The character by Chiara Iezzi she is seen at the table with her daughter Giulia and is very strict in her daughter's education. Hers. His hyper-critical character it is also noticeable when Giulia is the victim of revenge porn and her mother, played by the famous singer, judges her instead of worrying about her.

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