Mare Fuori 4, Rosa Ricci does not die, here are the previews

The Italian television series Sea Out has achieved overwhelming popularity due to his plot compelling, al cast of talented actors and his ability to cast an authentic look on fundamental issues (so as to arouse the concern of Rai top management), but also thanks above all to love stories like the one between Carmen and Rose. And it is precisely on the latter that I want to concentrate.

Rosa Ricci is not dead

No, Rosa Ricci will not die in that now famous clash in the Piscina Mirabilis where, perhaps, it could appear Ciro. Director Ivan Silvestrini has released a few small ones spoiler on fourth season on its page Instagram, sparking the enthusiasm of fans of the series. While some of the information is yet to be confirmed, fans are eager to find out what the new season will bring.

Among the most awaited novelties is the confirmation of the presence of Rosa Ricci, one of the characters introduced in the third season, and his relationship with Carmine. Although we have a photo spread on the web where we see Rose in a coffin.

“Yesterday's auditel result is good, but it will soon become excellent when the results of RaiPlay are added up. So I think you deserve to know that next season…Rosa will be there!”.

Despite these advances, the director seems play with fans and his statement could be only one found to increase the suspense around the plot. Viewers of Mare Fuori will therefore have to wait for the broadcast to find out the fate of their favorite characters.

In any case, the fourth season of Mare Fuori promises to be even more compelling of the previous ones.

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Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3 and 4

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