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The best coffee in Naples

Best coffee in Naples

Here's where to enjoy the best coffee in Naples, the undisputed capital city of espresso!

The best coffee in Naples can be drunk in many city's bars, which prepare it according to our essential characteristics: black, boiling and not very sweet.

The Neapolitan coffee is a true legend and it's necessary to come to Naples, the undisputed capital of the "black gold", to taste one of the best in the world, prepared with great respect of tradition, as if it was a real "art". Or maybe it really is. But also for us it's a ritual to be repeated during the day in multiple occasions.

But knowing how to make a coffee is not as simple as it seems and not all the bars offer coffee as tradition commands: it can be too long or too burnt, too sweet or too bitter.

Drinking the renowned drink in the Neapolitan city is adifferent experience, because the mixture must be unique, perfect: right consistency, right taste and impeccable aroma.


Cafè do Brasil

A "The One" or "Mr. Coffee". This is how Coffee is known in the most famous and ancient café located in Vomero. In addition to the excellent blend, the Cafè do Brasil offers its customers well 3 goodies: the renowned fresh artisanal coffee cream, the wholesale sale of various types of coffee and, last but not least, espresso is served as tradition requires, in cup warm and already sweetened. The price is cheap, the coffee is legendary, suitable for a relaxing break or a moment of true Napolitan life.

cafè do brasil

economic 081 5564568 Via Luca Giordano 31


Bar Mexico

The red and orange sign in Naples is unmistakable. This is the famous Bar Mexico known for its coffee, prepared according to the rite that the Neapolitan tradition requires.
Served freshly ground, already sweetened and in a hot cup, the famous Passalacqua blend has for years been a true institution of coffee served in Mexico, which every day counts many customers and about 15 - 20 kg of coffee prepared.
Il value for money is great and experience, according to the reviews, a sweet journey in "pure poetry".

mexico bar

economic 081 283121 | 081 5499330 | 081 556 5865 Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi, 72 | Piazza Dante, 86 | Via Alessandro Scarlatti, 69


Professor's coffee

Also famous abroad, the Caffè del Professore is a fixed stop for all caffeine lovers. Located a stone's throw from Piazza del Plebiscito, the small historic restaurant, in addition to the excellent espresso creamy, rich and sweet at the right point, is also renowned for the hazelnut coffee, coffee with cream, cream and cocoa, coffee with the kinder and the coffee Nutella.
The cost is average, for a coffee that is not simply a coffee but a true icon for citizens and tourists.

coffee of the professor

economic 081 403041 Piazza Triste and Trento, 46


Gambrinus coffee

Beautiful, majestic and rich in history, the Caffè Gambrinus it is a real museum. The interiors of the renowned café, born in the 1860, are elegant with ornate walls and vintage paintings, and the coffee is sublime, a work of art, as evidenced by the large number of customers.
In addition to the classic mixture, to try are i supergolosi chocolate, hazelnuts and cream, accompanied by the famous sfogliatella just baked.
The costs are normal, for a trip to Naples once it has no price.

coffee gambrinus cup

economic 081 417582 Via Chiaia, 1 / 2


Central of the Coffee

Small restaurant in the historic center with modern features with vintage touches. Excellent coffee, carefully prepared according to the ancient Neapolitan traditiona, which perfectly follows the slogan of the restaurant "the most intense there is".
Try also the most particular coffee tastes, like the one with ginseng or the cold one.
There is also a good choice of teas and pastry is also good, as evidenced by his muffins.

central coffee paste

economic +081 551 5299 XNUMX Via Benedetto Croce, 16


Gran Cafè Ciorfito

In the immediate vicinity of San Gregorio Armeno, this bar is an obligatory stop if you want to savor an excellent coffee.
Fast and precise service, the bartender decorates the drinks with small decorations. To underline also the goodness of the pastas in particular of the puffs.
The Gran Cafè Ciorfito also adheres to the praiseworthy initiative of "suspended coffee", Or you can leave paid an extra coffee that will be given to a less fortunate person.

great coffee

economic 081 203161 Via San Biagio dei Librai, 90 / 91


Bar Augustus

Born in the 1927, the Augustus Bar is a cornerstone of artisanal pastry Neapolitan and somehow enter it means to return to breathe the atmosphere of those years.
Coffee of excellent quality that can be accompanied by one of the many pastry specialties such as i maltagliati with rum, rolls of dark chocolate, almonds and hazelnuts, held together by an alcoholic wet.
The Augustus Bar counts on a kind and welcoming service that often helps in the choice or offers small tips to the patrons.

coffee augustus

economic +081 551 3540 XNUMX Via Toledo, 147


Bar Gianni

Bar Gianni is a small Vomerese bar located in a side street of Piazza Muzii known as one of the best for the quality of Neapolitan espresso. The place is small but well-kept and clean. The dessert cabinet is always well stocked with fresh pastries and brioche, braids, staples and croissants for breakfast. The staff, kind and experienced, will advise you in choosing among the countless coffee works. The specialty of the house is the homonymous coffee "Gianni coffee"With cocoa and whipped cream.

Coffee at the Gianni Bar

economic +081 578 7288 XNUMX Via Platania, 6


Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

The Gran Caffè la Caffettiera is a historic venue located in the center of the good living room of Naples. The care in the choice of the blends, the careful processing of the grains according to the daily humidity level made the "La Caffettiera" the title of before purchasing, "Embassy of the Neapolitan Coffee". The Kimbo blend of Neapolitan coffee is excellent and wisely obtained. Also famous for the gastronomic proposals everyday ranging from salty foods such as pasta timbale to the most classic desserts. One of the strong dishes is the timbale alla genovese with strictly dop ingredients.

Gran Caffè LA Caffettiera is the first ambassador of Neapolitan coffee in the world

planet +081 764 4243 XNUMX Martyrs' Square, 26


Caffè Ceraldi

A stone's throw away from the main shopping streets, Caffè Ceraldi is highly appreciated for the quality of coffee and coffee showcase of always fresh desserts. The staff is very fast but this does not preclude the coffee quality, as evidenced by the people who crowd the bar.
A particularity is the coffee machine placed "on the contrary" so as to allow the barista to never give his back to the customer and entertain them during the coffee tasting. At Caffè Ceraldo the mixture is used Kimbo Elite, one of the most awarded and appreciated in the world by professionals.

Ceraldi coffee in the historic center of Naples with the best Kimbo blends

economic +081 552 3488 XNUMX Piazza Carità, 14