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The best pasta frittatine in Naples: takeaways, fry and pizzerias

Best pasta frittatas in Naples

The best pasta fritters in Naples: the places to eat them

Le best pasta frittatas in Naples can be found in rotisserie, fry and pizzerias both in the classic version and in tasty variations.

The pasta frittatina is one of the absolute protagonists of the fry in Naples and also its more modern versions, equally tasty, are based on the traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

They are perfect to eat as an appetizer of a good pizza or simply alone walking around the city. It is small compared to an omelette of macaroni and is made in a different way, even if in common there is the use of pasta. It is preferred the long one, like bucatini or spaghetti, and has a filled with bechamel, provola, minced meat and peas, although some locals have created versions with friarielli, genovese and pasta and potatoes. Dipped in a batter and then fried, it is crispy outside and soft and creamy inside.

Here are the best places to eat the omelette in Naples.


Rosticceria Imperatore

According to the Neapolitans, the frittatina of the rotisserie Imperatore in the Colli Aminei is the best in the whole city, thanks to its mix of inimitable flavors. The family that runs the restaurant has known for decades how to satisfy the tastes of all the customers and the pasta frittatina with the béchamel enriched with peas and meat it is a pleasure that at least once in life we ​​must give ourselves. Crispy on the outside and very soft on the inside, its warmth and goodness can conquer anyone.

The frittatina of Rosticceria Imperatore in Naples

economic (081) 743 5629 Viale Colli Aminei 66 / B - Naples 80131


Pizzeria Di Matteo

The pasta frittata of Pizzeria Di Matteo is the most famous of the historical center and you can eat it as an appetizer at the table or buy it in the take away corner. It is one of the main reasons, in addition to pizza, of the constant long lines of the restaurant, but it is worth waiting to taste this true goodness. The fry department of the pizzeria, in fact, is very famous and Di Matteo's frittatina is so famous that there is one Facebook page ., called "Salvatore Di Matteo's omelette", In which the fans publish their photos.

The frittatina of Pizzeria Di Matteo in Naples

economic 081455262 Via Dei Tribunali, 94 - 80138 Naples


Rosticceria La Padella

The Pan is the most famous rotisserie of Vomero and, among the many treats it proposes, it is impossible not to be kidnapped by the pasta omelette. Its filling is partly alternative to that of other rotisserie, in fact it is stuffed with salami, seasoned provola and spicy salami. The omelette is crispy and golden on the outside, but creamy and full of flavor inside, leaving the customer with the desire of an encore. Both the omelette and all the other fried and rustic are the result of decades of family experience, which uses only fresh and quality raw materials.

Frittatina of Rosticceria La Padella in Naples

planet (081) 556 101 Piazzetta Arenella, 21 - 80128 Naples


Pizzeria 50 Kalò

The Pizzeria 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo, close to the waterfront of Naples, is not only known for its excellent pizzas, but also for the variety and goodness of its appetizers. Among these, the omelette, prepared with the sauce with meat sauce to make it even better and creamy. The other ingredients are peas and la provola of Agerola and the pasta used is that of Gragnano Igp. High quality ingredients for an omelette that will be crispy and soft, very light and easily digested.

The omnette of the 50 Kalò Pizzeria in Naples

planet (081) 1920 4667 Piazza Sannazaro 201 / B - 80123 Naples


Rosticceria Vestuto

La Rosticceria Vestuto is located near Piazza Carlo III and anyone who is nearby cannot help but taste his pasta omelette. Larger than the average size of the other places, its omelette is also made special by that touch of tomato sauce that gives it a more intense flavor. It is also prepared with macaroni and a filling of meat, provola of Agerola and peas and fried to perfection, so as to be at the same time light, crunchy and very tasty.

The frittatina of Rosticceria Vestuto in Naples

planet 081 7518666 Piazza Gian Battista Vico, 45 / 46 / 47 - 80137 Naples


Pizzeria La Figlia of the President

La Figlia del Presidente is a famous pizzeria in the center, run by the daughter of the renamed owner of the President's Pizzeria, named in memory of the visit of President Clinton. His omelette is a riot of flavors, a nugget of crunchy taste on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside. That touch of meat sauce, in addition to meat, bechamel, vegetables, peas and cheese, makes it special and this special fry will always be light and not greasy. Maria Cacialli, the owner, follows in detail the excellent recipe of her father, guaranteeing a quality product.


economic 081 2867389 Via del Grande Archive, 23 / 24 - 80138 Naples


Pizzeria Concettina at the Three Saints

La Pizzeria Concettina at the Tre Santi (Oliva) is a landmark in the Sanità district and in recent years it is always in the rankings of the best in Naples, for the quality of its pizzas and products used. Even starters and fries are very popular and, among these, a special mention deserves the pasta omelette. His specialty is that of the Genoese, prepared with the filling made following the traditional Neapolitan recipe based on onions and meat. A mandatory stop, especially as a break after a visit to places of interest in the area.

The omelette with Genoese of the Concettina Pizzeria at the Tre Santi in Naples

planet 081 290037 Via Arena alla Sanità 7 Bis - 80137 Naples


Pizzeria Francesco and Salvatore Salvo

The Salvo brothers are the owners of a historic pizzeria of San Giorgio a Cremano and their pasta frittata deviates slightly from the traditional recipe, due to the lack of minced meat. It is indeed stuffed only with cooked ham and provola, but it is equally very tasty. A local specialty is also the omelette with pasta and potatoes, which competes with that based on the Genoese of Concettina to the Three Saints. This version is made with the excellent potatoes of the Taburno and the mixed pasta of Gragnano, while the extra touch is given by the smoked buffalo mozzarella.

Francesco and Salvatore Salvo's omelette in San Giorgio a Cremano

planet 081 275306 Largo Arso 10 - 80046 St. George a Cremano (NA)


Friggitoria Fiorenzano

The Friggitoria Fiorenzano is a pillar of the historic center of Naples, a paradise for all lovers of frying. In the outdoor exhibitor you can not help but be fascinated by the many proposals and it is almost a must to taste the classic pasta omelette of the restaurant, but also all the other variations. In fact, from Fiorenzano you can eat those stuffed with sausages and friarielli, pasta and potatoes, ham and provola and mushroom-shaped aubergines. A must for those who are in the center and cross the Pignasecca.

The frittatine of the Friggitoria Fiorenzano in Naples

economic (081) 552 3663 Via Pignasecca, 48 - 80134 Naples


Pizzeria del Popolo

La historic pizzeria of the popular Piazza del Carmine it is also a popular fry and its offer is wide and varied. Among crocchè, arancini, zeppole, montanare and timballi, the pasta omelette stands out in a particular way. In addition to the classic version, you can also choose the variant with sausages and broccoli, a winning combination that combines two traditions of Neapolitan cuisine. Perfect as an appetizer or as a whim after a good pizza, the fritter of the Pizzeria del Popolo will not disappoint anyone.

The frittatina of the Pizzeria del Popolo in Naples

economic (081) 563 4029 Piazza Mercato, 44 - 80133 Naples