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The best rotisserie in Naples: fries, pizzette, treats and side dishes

Best takeaways in Naples

The best takeaways in Naples to eat fried food, pizzas, spit-roasted chicken and many treats.

in best takeaways in Naples you can not resist pizzas, fries, sandwiches, crocchè, spit-roasted chicken, arancini, first and second courses.

In every corner of Naples, in fact, it is impossible not to be inebriated by the scents of the many places that offer the traditional food from our kitchen and a deepening apart deserve their own takeaways.

From those of the historical center to those of Vomero, not forgetting neighborhoods like Posillipo or areas like the Colli Aminei, the Neapolitan rotisserie are a riot of fries, pizzette to cut, calzoni, crocchè, arancini, macaroni and omelette omelettes. Many are also famous for the grilled chicken or for the exquisite side dishes, in addition to the proposal of first and second courses.

Below, a guide to the best rotisserie in Naples.


Rosticceria Imperatore

Il king of all the takeaways in Naples it is most probably Emperor, famous above all for its sublime pasta frittatine. There are two locations, although the most renowned is the Colli Aminei, but each of them is irresistible for the many treats that can be found. From the crocchè, to the arancini, from the fried pizzas, to the baked slices, passing through the first and second courses and the delicious side dishes, Emperor is a must to stop.
Also prepare the spit-roasted chicken, one of the most famous in town, to eat strictly with the baked potatoes flavored by the fat of the chicken itself.

Gnocchi of the Rosticceria Imperatore in Naples

economic (081) 743 5629 Viale Colli Aminei 66 / B - Naples 80131



The Elettroforno is located on the Posillipo hill and is now a point of reference for the inhabitants, but also for those coming from neighboring neighborhoods. Historic rosticceria in Naples, is perfect for a stop after a swim in the sea in summer or after a walk in the surrounding area because it offers a wide variety of pizzas to the cutting of all tastes, fried pizzas, Parisian and delicious various like crocchè, arancini, omelettes and sandwiches.
You can also eat first and second courses with side dishes and different types of desserts.

Arancini from the Naples Electric Furnace in Posillipo

planet 0817691206 Piazza San Luigi 4 - 80124 Naples


Nonna Titti Rosticceria

A rosticceria del Vomero, near the central Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, is renowned above all for the mountain area, the typical fried pizza with tomato sauce, cheese and basil. It is so good that it has now been identified with the restaurant, in fact it is called "the pizza of Nonna Titti". Like all the takeaways that are respected, has a wide range of fried food and street food products like arancini, crocchè, zeppole, supplì and pasta frittatine, but also pasta dishes, second course with meat and fish and side dishes.

Montanara of Rosticceria Nonna Titti in Naples

planet 0810195354 Via Tino di Camaino 8 - 80128 Naples


Bar Augustus

The Augustus Bar is located on Via Toledo, the long shopping street that goes up to Piazza del Plebiscito, and is also a renowned rotisserie, hot table and gastronomy. You can choose between the various types of pizzette fries, such as arancini and crocchè, but there are also other specialties of Neapolitan cuisine as the danube and the casatiello. Augustus also has a side table to eat first and second courses, side dishes and has a gastronomy department where you can buy high quality meats and cheeses.

The casatiello of the Augustus Bar in Naples

planet (081) 551 3540 Via Toledo, 147 - 80132 Naples


Rosticceria La Padella

La Padella is a rosticceria and gastronomy of Vomero, the most famous in the neighborhood. His specialty is the spit-roasted chicken with baked potatoes, considered among the best in Naples. You can also try the grilled chicken, to be served with one of the many delicious side dishes, and the fried food. They definitely stand out the montanara, the fries, the arancini, the crocchè and the omelettes of pasta, but they are not less the first and second courses, always different depending on the daily availability.
You can also choose from various desserts.

Crocchè of the Rosticceria La Padella in Naples

planet 0815561019 Piazzetta Arenella, 21- 80128 Naples


Rosticceria Magia

The Rosticceria Magia always buzzes with customers thanks to the goodness of its products and also for the great variety that it offers. Between sliced ​​pizzas, fritters, arancini, zeppole, crocchè, parigineYou can never be disappointed or hungry if you like flatbreads, fries and baked potatoes and the delicious spit-roasted chicken. One of the strengths is i panini and because they can be filled with numerous side dishes, meats, meats and vegetables, genuine and high quality, but also because the used bread is always fresh. To taste also the first and second courses.

Arancini of the Rosticceria Magia in Naples

planet 0815567839 P. Fanzago 112 / 114 - 80129 Naples


Friggitoria Fiorenzano

Now an institution of the historical center of Naples, Fiorenzano is a point of reference for students, workers, tourists and various passers-by, attracted by the irresistible scent of rustic and fried food. Of every dimension, the Baked and fried pizzas are his specialties, in addition to sandwiches, calzone, zeppole with panzarotti, arancini and rustic. Every product should be tasted at least once if you are visiting Naples.
From Fiorenzano you can also eat small portions of pasta, ideal to carry around while walking. Surely it is a fryer-rosticceria in which they are found true flavors of typical Neapolitan street food.

Rustici della Friggitoria Fiorenzano in Naples

economic 0815523663 Via Pignasecca, 48 - 80134 Naples


Vaco rotisserie and presses

Vaco and presses it is a Neapolitan expression that means "I'm in a hurry" and in fact the speed in service is the strong point of this rotisserie of the historical center. Do not be fooled, however, because this does not mean that the quality is affected, in fact, the food is always loved by anyone who tastes it. They are predominantly found dishes and treats of the Neapolitan tradition like fries of various kinds, pizzas, sausages and broccoli, side dishes like escarole and peppers and the ever-present omelette of macaroni. The mountains, the Parisians and the rustic pies are also worth a visit.

Banco delle Pizze of Rosticceria Vaco and presses in Naples

economic 0815499424 Piazza Dante Alighieri, 87 - 80135 Naples


Rosticceria Pappa

Located near the entrance to the Vomero ring road, it is easy to get to, it is very popular with residents because you are like family and the food is always of high quality. In addition to the hot table where you can sit quietly and eat fast dishes typical of the Neapolitan tradition, there is the rotisserie side with pizzette, crocchè, panini, supplì and much more. Also try the desserts, especially the always hot staples and the most special pies, such as the Pan di Stelle.

La Rosticceria Pappa in Naples

planet (081) 560 5043 Luigi Caldieri 70 / 72 - 80127 Naples


Rusticceria Cavour

Practically very close to Piazza Cavour, one of the most central and crowded in Naples thanks to the underground, the rosticceria of the same name is frequented above all for its fried. Even the other products such as small pizzas and dishes are not far behind and everything is always fresh and just ready thanks to the presence of the internal laboratory. In the area cafeteria they can be tasted excellent first and second courses, many different contours and the atmosphere that you breathe is familiar, while the staff is always very courteous.

Stuffed pizzas of Rusticceria Cavour in Naples

economic 081440801 Piazza Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour 6 - 80137 Naples