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The best fish and seafood restaurants in Naples

The best seafood restaurants in Naples

Where to eat fish in Naples: the best seafood restaurants in the city.

in best fish restaurants in Naples you can eat rich appetizers, first and second courses both raw and cooked.

In fact, from a perfect seaside town, it is full of restaurants and trattorias which are renowned for their mastery in the preparation of fish dishes, always strictly fresh and cooked following traditional recipes without disdaining modernity.
On the menus of these premises, which are never the same because they depend on caught daily, you will find delicious and abundant appetizers, pasta dishes with seafood, lobster, prawns and scampi, second courses with grilled calamari, grilled dentex or octopus salad. All accompanied by excellent white wines.
Some rooms are specialize in raw and offer a new customer experience.

Here are the best seafood restaurants in Naples.


The Miracle of Pisces

The Miracle of Pisces is one of the best restaurants to eat fresh fish in Naples and is located in Mergellina. It's a small place where you feel at home, run by a family of fishermen for four generations and the menu varies daily depending on the daily catch. The strong point are the antipasti, always numerous and abundant, displayed in the window to make the choice easier, but also the first and second courses are sublime.
The choice is wide and you can taste paccheri, clams and pumpkin, linguini with octopus, spaghetti with octopus on the guitar, but also more original dishes, made according to the inspiration of the chef. Among the best, the tuna tartare with red pepper, the carpaccio of red snapper and the turbot in almond crust.

Plate of the Miracle of Pisces restaurant in Naples

planet (081) 769 0778 Largo Sermoneta, 17 - 80123 Naples


The Catagna

La Catagna is a family-run restaurant located on the Bacoli coast, a few steps from Lake Fusaro, and from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of Capo Miseno. The place is not very large, but it is cozy and the environment is immediately familiar, so you feel at ease. The proposal of fish dishes is varied and there are several specialties that make the restaurant one of the best: the Genoese octopus, pasta with red snapper and cicadas, linguine with crab, grilled amberjack or fish soup. Always fresh and very high quality products to accompany with one of the proposed white wines. Also homemade pastries they are strongly recommended.

Plate of the La Catagna restaurant in Bacoli

medium / high (081) 523 4218 Via Pennata, 26 - 80070 Bacoli (NA)


Casa Tua al Duomo

In the city center, near the Cathedral of Naples, there is this little restaurant that offers seafood dishes among its specialties. In addition to other earth dishes and pizza, inwide menu of the local seafood dishes deserve to be tasted all. In appetizers, in addition to cooked dishes such as mussels, clams, octopus salad or Luciana, there are also delicious cruditè with tuna, shrimp or curly. Among the first courses there are linguine with lobster, spaghetti with seafood, paccheri with prawns and lo special fried rice with cod. A restaurant where you really feel at home and where every product is genuine.

Fish fry at the Casa Tua Restaurant at the Duomo in Naples

planet (081) 1917 1437 : Via Dei Cimbri Number 5-7-9 Crossing Via Fiammetta and Via Seggio Del Popolo - 80138 Naples


Scapricciatiello Restaurant

Overlooking the picturesque Temple of Serapis in Pozzuoli, the Scapricciatiello is ideal especially during pleasant summer evenings, to eat excellent fish dishes while sitting at outdoor tables. The menu is not fixed because it varies according to the daily catch, guaranteeing the freshness of the cooked dishes. Excellent mussel soup, enriched with prawns, octopus and scampi and try also the paccheri with the crock. The appetizers of the house they are always very abundant and varied, while the second courses are very tasty squid, dentex and grilled prawns.
The location is very romantic, the service is prompt and the staff very courteous.

Dish of the Scapricciatiello Restaurant in Pozzuoli

planet (081) 526 4054 Via serapide 3, - 80078 Pozzuoli (NA)


Taverna Brudi

The Brudi tavern is located in Pozzuoli and is among the best places to eat fish in this small town near Naples. The environment is familiar and rustic and the staff always very helpful with the customers, while the menu changes according to the daily catch. Every time you can discover a different kind of goodness, from raw antipasti to frying of paranza, not forgetting the first and second courses. Among the first, to taste the paccheri alla pescatrice, spaghetti with fish roe and fettuccine with razor clams and aubergines, but there are also specialties like the sea ​​parmigiana with mackerel. Brudi is a small restaurant a little 'far from the central Lungomare or the square, but true connoisseurs can not miss it.

Fusilli of Taverna Brudi in Pozzuoli

planet (081) 526 8254 ia Vigna, 15 - 80078 Pozzuoli (NA)


La Bifora

La Bifora is one of the historical places of the Campi Flegrei, precisely of Bacoli near the suggestive Casina Vanvitelliana. The restaurant is family-run and can be perceived as soon as you cross the threshold, thanks to the cozy furnishings and kindness of the owners. Their cuisine follows traditional recipes giving a little touch of modernity and, although it is not extremely complex, it is a real treat for the palate. Among the most original dishes there are the mussels cooked in a wood oven, gratinated razor clams, tagliatelle with squid on a bed of mashed potatoes and buffalo mozzarella with raw shrimp on a base of San Marzano sauce.

Seafood of the La Bifora restaurant in Bacoli

planet (081) 868 7324 Via Virgilio, 210 - 80070 Bacoli (NA)


Ristorante Crudo Re

The Crudo Re Restaurant is located a few steps from the waterfront of Naples and is specialized in"Art of raw fish". In fact, the very refined cuisine of the restaurant is mainly based on the preparation of fish, crustaceans and raw seafood, always fresh and following the daily catch. When available, the dishes not to be missed are definitely the large curls and purple shrimps, in addition to oysters and caviar. Even the cooked dishes are not far behind and, among the specialties, there are the sea bass gratin, the grilled snapper and the octopus in cassole with cicierchie. Also deserves the cellar of wines and sparkling wines, the real pride of the restaurant.

Tuna of the Ristorante Crudo Re in Naples

high : 081 764 5295 Piazza Vittoria, 11 - 80121 Naples


The Ostricaio

Local specialized in seafood, the Ostricaio is located in the Chiaia neighborhood not far from the Lungomare. It takes its name from one historical figure of the 40 years, the oyster in fact, who went around the alleys with his bucket full of seafood to sell them to restaurants or the market. To honor this profession, the restaurant mainly has these products on its menu prepared in many different ways, both raw and cooked. The choice is very wide, between sauté of clams, cuppetiello seafood, peppered mussels, oysters, tomato mussel soup, fried fish, scialatielli with seafood and risotto with fish.

Linguine with clams from the L'Ostricaio restaurant in Naples

planet (081) 038 5630 Via Giovanni Bausan, 32 - 80121 Naples


Restaurant Zì Teresa

It is a historic restaurant of the Borgo Marinari, behind the Castel dell'Ovo, very close to the Lungomare di Napoli. Its peculiarity is the terrace overlooking the sea and the atmosphere that you breathe is that of Naples of the past, with its scents and its flavors. The always fresh fish means that the dishes are always delicious and between smoked salmon, seafood salad, shrimp in pink sauce, marinated anchovies linguine with clams, scialatielli with seafood is always spoiled for choice.
Complete a spectacular view of the Gulf.

Calamari of the Zì Teresa Restaurant in Naples

planet (081) 764 2565 Via Marinaro, 1 - 80123 Naples


Fish Experience

In the Old Village of Antignano, in full Vomero, Fish Experience is a place that can make a real life taste experience. In the morning it is a fish shop, while in the evening it becomes a real fish restaurant, whose cuisine is very refined. The catch is that of the day, always very fresh, so you will never find the same dishes. Among the most recommended courses are the Genoese of sea, the grilled squid, grilled pezzogna, clam sauté and fish fry. Among the desserts, do not miss the lemon tiramisu.

embers mixed fish experience

planet (333) 580 0595 Largo Antignano, 6 - 80128 Naples