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The best fish and seafood restaurants in Naples

In Naples there are small fishmongers that in the evening become tasty restaurants where you can enjoy excellent fish dishes!

Fish is among the most popular dishes a Napoli, this is why it is impossible to miss the dishes best fishmongers restaurants in the city.

In Naples, fish is tasted in succulent pastas, soups, appetizers or main courses and in the capital of the sun and the sea, no doubt, the watchwords are freshness and quality.

And in honor of these characteristics that now in the city it has become fashionable to consume the fish directly in fishmongers which, like magic, in the evening they turn into original restaurants.

The types of fish and dishes cooked in these special fish shops are very varied: from seafood to fries, from the "coppetielli" to the most tasty first courses.

Here are the ones not to be missed!


Fish Experience

Fish market by day in the crowded market of Antignano and very popular in the evening as a restaurant. Thanks to the many years of experience of the Sansone family, the Fish experience menu is a triumph of flavors and colors.
The strong dishes are the frying paranza, grilled fish and octopus octopus. Excellent as an accompaniment the House wine and the choice of beer. Impeccable quality / price ratio, very friendly staff and for this there is the possibility to find crowds. A has been implemented reservation system via SMS to the 3335800595 number for a minimum of 6 people.

planet 333 580 0595 Largo Antignano 12


The Shark

The secret of the fishmonger The Shark is only one: from the producer it comes directly to the consumer. The quality of the catch is excellent and the dishes have a touch of innovation compared to the Neapolitan tradition without distorting the nature of the recipes. To try the fish lasagna, il rice with squid ink e spaghetti with hedgehog but there are also particular dishes like the pacchero with crab meat. Excellent and very tasty idea of ​​the aperitif with the stew of anchovies. Reservation is recommended.

planet 331 832 4134 Via Giustiniano 273


Capri Fish Market

The environment of this local Vomerese is very essential and its strong point is the frittas that are light, crisp and tasty. To try the Cuoppo Capri with specialties of meatballs of tuna and fish and salmon parmigiana and the traditional "pizzelle". For the rotation of the dishes it is always better to ask the owners the dishes of the day to be accompanied by excellent wine. Possibility of taking away also. Good price / quality ratio.

planet 081 1936 1224 Via San Giacomo del Capri 41C


Pescheria Mattiucci

In the good living room of Naples there is the fishmonger Mattiucci which focuses very much on the reception of the customer as well as on the undoubted quality of the fish caught with their boats. Kitchen with influences fusion that points a lot on the crude, according to many the best in Naples. Therefore it is highly recommended the mix of raw that includes tuna, yellowtail and prawns. Very high level too cooked foods that change every evening varying on the seasonality and availability of raw materials. Given the excellent quality / price ratio the crowd is assured and there is no possibility of booking as the place is very small you eat around the big fish counter.

planet 081 251 2215 Vico Belledonne in Chiaia 27


Friggi pescheria is Masaniello

Fish market in the hilly area very popular even during the day and above all easily accessible by metro. Very folkloristic environment but the quality of the fish is undoubtedly very high. The dishes are more traditional like the cuttlefish with cherry tomatoes , frying of paranza. Still outside the most tourist circuits you can find more easily place even if there is the possibility of booking. Generous portions, very courteous staff and relaxed atmosphere.

economic 081 770 3744 Via Pasquale del Torto, 18


Pescheria Di Napoli

The Pescheria Di Napoli is a symbol of quality in Pianura and with the opening of the stand-up store for three days a week it has been "discovered" by tourists too. Fixed fish menu with possibility to insert the raw which has entered the top ten of the the best cheap restaurants in Italy. Spartan locale with never trivial recipes, very kind staff and possibility to serve gluten-free. Reservation is recommended.

economic 339 697 8085 Via San Donato 80-82


Pescheria Trattoria La Paranza

In Naples it is traditional to ask your fishmonger for advice on how to cook the freshly bought fish. And, with an experience of more than thirty years, the owners of the La Paranza fishmonger-trattoria continue to manage both stores as well as supplying lessons on how to cook fresh fish. Kitchen very close to the traditions with small innovations like i fried zucchini flowers stuffed with provola cheese and mussels or aubergines stuffed with swordfish and cherry tomatoes. Very light frying and exceptional raw materials such as Gragnano pasta or blue fish. Absolutely to try traditional fish soup and, only to order, the turbot or the San Pietro with potatoes. There is the possibility to also build their own takeaway menu.

economic 348 704 8684 | 366 4322504 Via Carlo D'Andrea 11


Risto Pescheria Da Salvatore

Family restaurant that preserves the ancient Neapolitan recipes for fish. Naturally fresh raw materials and very abundant dishes both as varieties and as portions. Highly recommended soup with clams, lupins, mussels, cockles, shrimp and octopus and a reinterpretation of the cous cous with the "sconcigli". The fried foods of which we point out are excellent sea ​​macaroni omelette. Clean and welcoming place, family atmosphere and great prices.

economic 081 588 2531 Via Provinciale Naples, 99


Blue fish

In the heart of Pignasecca this historic fishmonger is a point of reference for the quality and variety of the catch available daily, then become a restaurant that currently cooks what is available in the fish market. Take-away trays from marinated salmon or even the legendary cuoppo with flagfish, salmon, salt cod squid and fish of paranza. To try the fish parmigiana with zucchini. Local small but affordable for everyone and excellent quality.

economic 0815513733 Via Portamedina, 4


Fish and Fruit

The famous Fish & Fruit fishmonger, located in Arco Felice, between Pozzuoli and Bacoli, in the evening turns into a renowned restaurant where you can eat excellent fish dishes. Thanks to the excellence and quality of its dishes, the restaurant is among the most popular in Naples. At prices economic you can taste many delicacies like sweet and sour salmon o arancini with salmon, the eggplant skewer e shrimp, the crocchè with shrimp or the traditional seaweed fritters. Accompanied is the White wine with percots from the Phlegraean region. Simple location, quick service and good prices.

economic 081 866 3556 Via Miliscola 412, Pozzuoli