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The best fried pizzas in Naples

The best fried pizzas of Naples

Tasting fried pizza in Naples is a must. Here's where to find the best in town.

La fried pizza It is one of the most popular delicacies in Naples, but the best can only be found in some unmissable places.

The fried pizza is not simply a product of the culinary tradition, it is much more, because it tells us the true soul of the city, the "true", born in the alleys of the city womb.

Here are ten places in the city where you can taste the best fried pizza that must be strictly soft and fluffy, never greasy and to taste always boiling, freshly baked!


O sfizio d'a Notizia

O'sfizio d'a Notizia is born from a rib of the homonymous pizzeria by the hand of Enzo Coccia and is specialized in fried pizzas in the preparation of the "Mpustarelle", Neapolitan specialties halfway between pizza bread and bread and which can be filled as desired.
Every pizza is particular and sought after but a special mention goes to the fried pizza with the fried and for mousses with stuffed peppers in collaboration with the local historian Mimì to the Railway. The attention to the ingredients, the experiments and the typical ingredients of the tradition, the selection of craft beers and the rich wine cellar are the strong points of this place.

Fried pizza of O sfizio d'a Notizia

planet (081) 714 2155 Via Michelangelo Da Caravaggio, 51


La Masardona

La Masardona is a historic Neapolitan fryer of the Piccirillo brothers, famous for its lightness and the taste of frying. The restaurant takes its name from the grandmother of the owners who in the post-war period began the activity by frying the fried pizza outside their home. The unique feature of La Masardona is the use of the technique of double disc of dough to contain the seasoning instead of folding a single pocket-shaped disc.
The specialty is the classic pizza stuffed with cicoli, buffalo ricotta, provola and pepper. Also try the one with scarole, olives, raisins and pine nuts with fresh tomatoes, basil and raw mozzarella morsels. All fried pizzas are served strictly wrapped in hot, steaming and wrapping paper.

Fried pizza from the ancient Masardona fryer

economic 081 281057 Via Giulio Cesare Capaccio, 27


Stay at Materdei

The Starita a Materdei pizzeria is one of the cornerstones of the pizza tradition in Naples. Also famous for having hosted the film "The Gold of Naples" where Sophia Loren fry the fried pizzas.
One of the highlights of the menu is the so-called "Horn of Maradona", A fried pizza in the shape of u stuffed with ricotta and cicioli.
Also try the fried food like  montanare with Genovese sauce  or angels which are small pieces of fried pizza dough and served with cherry tomatoes and rocket or chocolate.
Usually the wait can be prolonged due to the large number of customers but the owners usually help to support it by offering small fry.

starita maradona horn to materde

economic (081) 557 3682 Via Materdei, 27 / 28



The historic pizzeria-friggitoria Pellone in Via Nazionale is praised as the top of fried pizzas. Also very appreciated grown pasta and frittatas.
The stars are i
 mammoth fried calzoni called a cart wheel and the classic fillings that according to customers can be "bigger than a forearm".
The prices are slightly above average and the place is always crowded but the presence of two ovens helps the service to be fast. Among the most popular fillings stands out the fried with ricotta, pepper and salami, a real flying saucer of goodness.

pellone calzone

planet (081) 553 8614 Via Nazionale 93



The Di Matteo pizzeria was born in 1939 as a simple take-away fry and the goodness of its fry has made it one of the most famous historic pizzerias in Naples. Iconic is the photo of the President Clinton who tried in this pizzeria a fried pizza and a wallet pizza.
The restaurant has expanded over the years and you can also eat inside where you will be served quickly and kindly.
His are very famous Pasta's omelettes and i crocchè that come out of the show kitchen in a continuous cycle given the very high number of people who request them.
Remarkable is the classic stuffed fried , wallet daisy to eat while walking through the historic center of Naples. Prices are really competitive, especially for such a tourist area.

omelet of matteo

economic 081455262 Via Dei Tribunali 94


Oliva - From Concettina to the Three Saints

The historic pizzeria of Sanità is also famous for its fried pizza stuffed with cicoli, ricotta, tomato and pepper, prepared with one dough left to rise for more than seven hours and which, for this reason, are light, soft and tasty.
The 2.0 Montanara also stands out with ricotta di fuscella di bufala, bacon and lemon zest and the montanara allo scarpariello with Corbara tomato, pecorino Bagnolese, chilli pepper and basil.
Quedta pizzeria participates in the project "suspended pizza"That in the face of a donation of 2.50 euro you can give a pizza to a less fortunate person.

Fried pizza with cicoli, provola, ricotta and pepper of Concettina to the Three Saints

economic 081 290037 Via Arena della Sanità, 7 Bis


From Zia Esterina

This pizzeria is a rib of the famous historical pizzeria "Da Sorbillo" and was born as a tribute to the aunt of the owner who specializes precisely in frying.
The fried pizza here is soft and the service also because it is a fast service takeaways. The pizzas to choose from are different and each one born from a different collaboration like the one with the fried meatballs of Tortora or the one with the crumbled tarallo of Leopoldo. The ingredients used are genuine and healthy, starting from type 0 flour from organic farming. The proposed menu offers 6 ingredients that can be combined as desired. Try the fried pizza with pepper "mbuttunato"At the Vomero headquarters.

photo: sweet and sour
photo: sweet and sour

economic (081) 442 1364 Piazza Trieste e Trento, 53 | Via Tribunali, 35 | Via Luca Giordano, 33


Antica Pizzeria De 'Figliole

The ancient pizzeria de'figliole is a historic restaurant with about 30 seating that has always been specialized in fried pizzas that is born in the heart of Forcella. The pasta is pizzas delicious and the customer has the possibility to choose between four proposals. There is the classic pizza, sausage and broccoli, escarole and olives or a mix between the first two.
You can choose the way to close the pizza you prefer: either with two overlapping pizza slices or "'O Piscitiello" or the classic calzone.

Specialties, fried pizza with fried pork

economic 081 286721 Via Giudecca Vecchia 39


1947 Fried pizza

Pizzeria friggitoria born in 2014 in the district of Forcella in front of the famous pizzeria "Da Michele" and much appreciated. The fried pizzas are as tradition wants, but the more gourmet ones like fried pizza are also in great demand provola of Sorrento, rocket, lemon zest and a sprinkling of grated Provolone cheese.
Can not miss the sweet version with pistachio di Casa Infante, pistachio and hazelnut grains. Also noteworthy is the stew of fries.
Small place with take away service, very kind and speedy service.

photo: snapshot
photo: snapshot

economic (333) 400 8562 Via pietro collects 16


Pizzeria Salvo

The Salvo brothers' pizzeria is a pearl located in San Giorgio a Cremano. Famous for the meticulous research of raw materials and for collaborations with starred chefs and local artisans who make unique pizzas. The wine and craft beer menu is also very well supplied.
Among the fried pizzas: the montanara with Genovese sauce o and la montanara with cod created in collaboration with chef Nino di Costanzo.
The pizzeria is also famous for its fried like the pasta and potato omelette, crocchè not breaded , pasta frittatina with bucatini, cooked and béchamel sauce.
Active online booking service.

The fried pizza of Salvo

economic 081 275306 Largo Arso 10-16, St. George a Cremano

The history of fried pizza

Associated with the expression "A ogge a otto", fried pizza is born as a food for the poor of ancient Naples, which can not afford the "high-quality" pizza, baked in the oven, folded on the fried version, much cheaper.

The tasty dish was sold in the "Neapolitan bass" from the wives of the pizza makers who, to contribute to the domestic economy, fry the dough prepared by their husbands and served them to the neighbors of the neighborhood who could not immediately pay.

On time, the pizzaiola used to put the name of the customer on a small notebook eight days to collect the money and settle the bill. Filled or empty that pizza was unique, defined as a true work of art of taste.

Today this type of pizzeria no longer exists, but the fried pizza of the past can still be eaten in some pizzerias in Naples, especially in those just listed.