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The best ice creams in Naples

Best ice creams in Naples

The best ice-cream parlors in Naples where you can taste the best ice-creams, which make your palate go crazy.

To face the torrid heat of the summer, the best ice cream in Naples with cones and cups both from traditional and more modern tastes.

Every corner of the city of Naples is dotted with ice cream, but which ones are really good? It is really very sad to taste the flavors resting on a cone that simply know about water and sugar and they all resemble each other.

Better to avoid ingesting unnecessary calories, and entrust your palate to the best Ice cream in Naples.

Here are some of the best activities, not listed by order of importance, what are they doing go crazy with taste buds of the Neapolitans!



Mennella is a historic ice-cream shop that originally housed in Torre del Greco, but whose fame has come down to the land of Naples.
At the moment in Naples it has three rooms, in via Carducci, in Piazza Trieste and Trento and in via Scarlatti. His homemade ice cream is fresh, creamy and natural (without additives or preservatives) as well as cones that are freshly prepared. It offers more than a dozen flavors of milk and fruit (prepared with water) really tasty. The portions are really abundant and the prices, in relation to the quantity, are cheap. To try their cream, tasty and light. Fruit tastes are lactose free.

citrus ice cream mennella

economic 081 426026 Via Carducci, 45 - Via Scarlatti, 97 - Via Toledo



Ex Remy Gelò, historic ice cream shop opened in the 1919, reopened after a period of closure with a total restyling of the room and the name: Remy.
The specialties are the sorbets and semifreddi, among which the chocolate "fondentissimo Remy" and the panfragola stand out. The flavors of ice creams are very varied and some are only seasonal like the pumpkin and cinnamon taste created in honor of Halloween. The cone pod is also available in the version gluten free which still retains the fragrance and the goodness of the classical one. From Remy you can try the craft kefir.

Remy's ice cream

economic 081 665752 Via Galiani, 9


Infante home

Casa Infante is defined as the best ice cream parlor in the city thanks to its ice cream soft, tasty and creamy. The quality is not the only feature that affects us, but also its infinite tastes leave you speechless. Beyond the classics, there are tastes unthinkable, like Amalfi, percoca in wine, figs and rums and even Aperol Spritz! Possibility to put melted chocolate as the base of the cones that are crisp and excellent.

infant home ice cream

economic (081) 1930 3598 Via Toledo - Via Chiaia - P.zza degli Artisti - P.zza Vanvitelli / Via Scarlatti



Almost impossible not to know the famous Bilancio di Napoli. This is also a historic destination where you can enjoy a good ice cream. Here you will find not only classic tastes, but also an infinite number of alternatives exquisite and special. The quality is undisputed, and not only is the ice cream appreciated, but so are the cream and the cone which is incredibly crispy and delicious. Here the ice cream is even better if enjoyed before splendid panorama of via Posillipo.

ice cream

economic (081) 769 1923 Via Posillipo, 238



Not just ice cream cones, but anything that can whet your palate lover of sweet. Ice cream offers 25 flavors of ice cream: in addition to the classics, we find those inspired by snacks like Bounty, Kinder Bueno, Twix, Baiocchi and many more. The ice cream can be decorated with grains, hazelnut smarties and many other varieties.
Galtiness also offers 400 combinations of Milkshake mixes and 500 combinations for the Classic one. It also offers special smoothies containing 160 calories, all kinds of yogurt, granitas, crepes, cakes and desserts!
Ice cream received the VeganOk certificate.

ice cream ice cream

economic (081) 1957 4347 Via Mario Fiore


Chalet Ciro

An obligatory stop after a walk along the Lungomare di Napoli is the Chalet Ciro ice cream. Ciro owes its huge initial success to fried staples, very light and delicious, that we were fried at the moment at every hour of the day and night, but recently created an alternative to the classic cone: the cone clip.
The tastes are rather traditional. Walk on the Waterfront of Naples with Cyrus ice cream is one of the things to do absolutely in Naples.

The ConoGraffa

economic 081 669928 Via Caracciolo, 31


ROL gelateria

Small ice cream parlor that opened in one of the most beautiful spots of the Neapolitan waterfront. Among thousands of pizzerias you immediately recognize ROL (acronym of the initials of the owners) that allows you to enjoy an excellent ice cream created with zero-kilometer ingredients and with vista mare.
The tastes are many with many originals: apple annurca e Sorrento lemon among fruit flavors, or ice cream to the zeppola of San Giuseppe.
The owner knows English very well and will be more than happy to assist customers in their choice or with little curiosity about their ice creams.

ROL ice cream

economic (081) 764 8393 Via Partenope, 12 / M


Gelateria del Gallo

Gelateria del Gallo has 4 offices: two in Portici, one in San Giorgio a Cremano and one in the district of Ponticelli in via Angelo Camillo De Meis, right next to the Pierrot cinema. The only proper Neapolitan location, that of Ponticelli, has become famous for its taste "Women".
The quality of the ice creams is exceptional, with a unique taste. Founded in 1956, without ever changing the recipe, it continues in its tradition of quality and taste.

Gallo sour cherry ice cream

economic (081) 596 5444 Via Angelo Camillo de Meis, 60 / 62


Fantasia Gelati

With six locations in Naples alone, Fantasia Gelati is the undisputed realm of the sweet tooth. Fantasia Gelati offers the possibility to choose between the normal tastes (the classics) and between those Special, such as taste Smarties, Kinder Bar (with whole bars), Marshmallow and many others. Even the cone may be particular, for example covered with chocolate and coconut or surrounded with chocolate and pralines.

Kinder ice cream of Fantasia Gelati

economic 0815607001 Via Cilea - Via Toledo - Largo Lala - Piazza Vanvitelli - La Reggia Outlet


Gay Odin

Not everyone knows that the famous chocolate shop in Naples, Gay Odin, also makes a delicious ice cream! Among the many flavors, the most praised are: the cinnamon chocolate, coffee chocolate, Brazilian (dark chocolate and coffee), pistachio, ricotta and pear.
Most Neapolitans ignore this service offered by Gay Odin. But to make the taste buds enjoy, you must absolutely make a trip to the Antica Cioccolateria to taste its excellent ice cream!

Gay Odin's ice cream

economic (081) 578 3380 Via Luca Giordano, 19