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The best pizzas in Naples: the pizzerias where to eat them

The best pizzas in Naples

The best pizzas in Naples portfolio in historic and modern pizzerias.

For those who can not resist pizza, the best historical and modern pizzerias in Naples that prepare irresistible wallet pizzas.

Naples is famous all over the world for being the homeland of pizza, a city where at every corner you can find pizzerias where you can enjoy this delicacy at the table. If, however, you do not have time to stop in a room, but you do not want to give up eating it, you can fall back on the so-called wallet or booklet pizza.

It is one of the classics of Neapolitan street food and is nothing more than a smaller pizza than the classic one, so called because, just like a wallet, it folds into four and you can comfortably eat it on the street without getting dirty. Moreover, thanks to this expedient, it manages to keep the heat more easily.

Generally it is a margherita or a marinara and, despite anyone who now prepares it, are just some historical pizzerias that make perfect wallet pizzas.


Antica Pizzeria Port'Alba

The historic temple of walled pizzas in Naples is the Antica Pizzeria Portalba, a local that has its origins even in the 1738 and that also included Gabriele d'Annunzio and Benedetto Croce among the customers. His wallet pizza is famous throughout the city and, according to tradition, this street food product would have been born right here. The dough is very light and overall the pizza is really soft and tasty, thanks to the quality of the sauce and fiordilatte that complete it.
Eating it while walking through the alleys of the city center and the book stalls is a unique experience.


economic 081459713 Via Port'Alba 18 | Centro Antico - 80134 Naples


Pizzeria Decumani

In the historic center, on the famous street of pizzerias, via dei Tribunali, there is Pizzeria Decumani. In addition to the interior room, there is a corner for the takeaways which gives on the road and where you can buy fritturine, fried pizzas and the famous wallet pizza. Also in this case the ingredients are genuine and of good quality, the very soft dough and all this makes the pizza a pleasure for the palate. Ideal for a tasty stop after a visit to the adjacent underground Naples or a walk among the many tourist attractions in the area.


economic 0815571309 Via dei Tribunali, 58 - 80138 Naples


Pizzeria Di Matteo

Di Matteo is always one very famous pizzeria in the historic center, famous above all for its inimitable omelette of pasta, but also very popular for other delicacies and for wallet pizza. The latter is prepared only in classical versions, that is margherita and marinara, to make it easier to eat it considering that it must be done standing in the crowded via dei Tribunali. Despite the long lines, due to the fame of the restaurant, it is worth waiting to taste this irresistible product.


economic 081455262 Via dei Tribunali, 94 - 80138 Naples


Pizzeria Al 22

In the heart of Pignasecca, the pizzeria 22 is a must for a stop while walking through the streets of the center. The outdoor exhibit for take away is a pleasure for the eyes and, among the many treats of street food offered, you can not give up the pizza at your wallet. Prepared with the traditional recipe of the owner's older sisters, this pizza is soft, tasty and very digestible. His goodness is also due to the passion of pizza makers and their desire to keep the Neapolitan popular traditions intact, cooking as if they were in their own home.


economic 0815522726 Via Pignasecca, 22 - 80134 Naples


Johnny Pizza at Wallet

Johnny Take Uè Pizza at Wallet is an original idea born in 2012 by Giovanni Kahn della Corte who created a apecar dedicated solely to the preparation of wallet pizzas. With a wood-fired oven installed, in fact, the small vehicle ran through the streets of Naples, stopping from time to time in specific points, selling its delights. From this initiative two fixed locations were born in Naples and two in the province, where you can eat both large and flat pizzas.
The ingredients used are only high quality and genuine, like i cherry tomatoes from the Piennolo del Vesuvio and the Battipaglia sauce.


planet 0812292025 (Vomero) - 0817618861 (CVE) - 081 1858 1657 (Giugliano) - 081811144 (Aversa) Where Piazzetta Arenella, 21- 80128 Naples | Corso Antonio Campano 126 / 128 Adjacent Palazzo Matteotti - 80014 Giugliano | Via A. Garofalo, 119 - 81031 Aversa


Pizzeria Fortuna

As its name itself says, the pizzeria in Piazza Garibaldi has brought much luck to its owner Enzo Coccia, who became famous for his soft and digestible dough, the same as the famous Pizzeria La Notizia, always owned by him. One of its strengths are its own pizzas, tasty and with genuine products, which make sure that the Fortuna Pizzeria is stormed by anyone who wants to taste the top of this street food. For many, in fact, this place is synonymous with wallet pizza.


economic 081205380 Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini, 8 - 80139 Naples


Pizzeria Tutino

Near Porta Nolana, the heart of the historic center, Pizzeria Tutino is the perfect place for those who want to experience theatmosphere of the true popular Naples. A reference point for the area, in this place you can taste a pizza with a sublime portfolio. The owners have been transmitting their recipes for decades, from generation to generation, always leaving unaltered the inimitable flavor of their pizzas. The ones in the wallet are a real pleasure for eyes, palate and stomach and a must to make a relaxing walk perfect.


economic 081268711 Via Cesare Carmignano, 79 - 80142 Naples


Pizza by Gennaro Salvo

A recently opened restaurant by Gennaro Salvo, in the shopping street via Toledo, but which takes on the whole experience of the Salvo family that for decades he has been dealing with the art of pizza. Gennaro, who likes to call himself a pizza artisan, manages to serve its customers excellent and exquisite quality products. Its small pizzas are a fixed stop for those who walk on that street and, as the name of the place itself says, the protagonists of the place are just them. Between organic flour, the sauce of the territory and a long leavening, the daisies and marinades of Gennaro Salvo are always perfect.


medium / high 08126651218 Via Toledo, 244 - 80132 Naples


Pizzeria Da Attilio

Another one historic pizzeria of Pignasecca, in the heart of the historic center, whose wallet pizzas are snapped up. Always freshly baked, boiling and tasty, you can eat sitting at the few outdoor tables (if you are lucky to find one free) or taking a walk towards Via Toledo. The skill of Attilio's pizza makers is famous and all types of pizza are prepared well leavened, soft and rich in tomato and mozzarella to be mouth watering. In fact, it is almost impossible not to stop attracted by the scents coming out of the room.


economic 0815520479 Via Pignasecca, 17 - 80134 Naples


Pizzeria Giuliano

Near the Fontana di Monteoliveto, a meeting point for many young people in the area, is the Pizzeria Giuliano. Immediately you are attracted by the large window that shows off the fries and sandwiches of the local, all excellent products among which the wallet pizza stands out. Every delight is always fresh and freshly baked and the value for money is very convenient. You can choose to sit in the small room inside or eat standing outside, letting yourself be transported from the sounds and aromas of the historic center.


economic 0815510986 Calata Maggiore Trinità, 31-33 - 80134 Naples