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How to get to Vesuvius: info by car, train, metro, bus, Circumvesuviana and plane

View of the Vesuvius volcano in Pompei, Naples, Italy

Information on how to reach the Vesuvius, the Gran Cono and the National Park by car, Circumvesuviana, metro, bus, train, plane and on foot.

Il Vesuvio is the volcano overlooking the Gulf of Naples and is one of the most popular tourist destinations for those arriving in the capital of Naples.

Tourists who decide to visit it can walk the suggestive path that leads them up to the Gran Cono, ie the internal crater, an area from which one can admire the most beautiful sight on the coast, the sea and the immense province of Naples. To get to the crater you must first arrive at the Piazzale at an altitude of 1000 meters from which the itinerary begins.

Here is the information on how to reach Vesuvius by car, by train, by subway, by circumvesuviana, by bus, by plane or by foot.

By car:

To reach Vesuvius on the highway it is necessary travel the A3. Both from the north and from the south, take the Ercolano exit or the Torre del Greco exit.

From Ercolano it must enter Via Cupa Monti, after the roundabout take the third exit and stay on via Cupa Monti. At the new roundabout take the second exit, always to stay on the same street. At this point, we need to continue on via Vesuvio up to Contrada Osservatorio and continue following the signs up to the Vesuvio National Park.

From Torre del Greco proceed on the Strada Statale 18 Tirrena Inferiore / SR18 towards via Traversa I Vittorio Veneto and continue on via G.Marconi, continue on via Enrico De Nicola and then on via Vesuvio. At the roundabout, take the first exit and continue towards Contrada Osservatorio following the directions for Vesuvius.

In Circumvesuviana

You can reach the Gran Cono del Vesuvio using the Circumvesuviana that from Naples is located in Piazza Garibaldi in the Central Station. Take one of the trains Naples-Sorrento and get off at the station Ercolano Scavi or Pompeii Villa of the Mysteries. Consult all train times.

From Pompeii stop leave the tourist shuttles Tramvia Vesuvio of EAV, in the square in front of the station, or you can continue by taxi. More information on the official website (it may be necessary to book the shuttle in advance).

From the Ercolano stop you can take private buses or taxis.

By train

From the Piazza Garibaldi Station in Naples you can take the Trenitalia train bound for Salerno and get off at Portici-Ercolano stop. From here, reach the ANM “Gianturco-San Pasquale” shelter, take line 5 and get off at the “Vesuvio” stop. Continue on foot. Keep in mind that line 5 has a very low frequency, waiting times are very long.

By bus

From the terminus of Piazza Piedigrotta in Naples the EAV Naples-Vesuvio bus which leads directly to the square at an altitude of 1000 meters from which the walking path begins for the Gran Cono. The line works every day, but is suppressed from the 1 January to the 28 February. Consult the official website for timetables.

By subway

From Naples you can take both the 1 line is the 2 metro line to reach the Garibaldi stop and from there take the Circumvesuviana or the Trenitalia regional train. Then, follow the directions in the appropriate previous paragraphs.

By plane

From Capodichino, where there is the Naples Airport where you land, take theAlibus to get to the Piazza Garibaldi Station and, from there, take the Circumvesuviana or the regional train, following our indications of the other paragraphs.

Walking route

Once you reach the square a 1000 altitude meters continue on foot following a pre-established path to reach the crater, ie the Gran Cono.