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The best trattorias in Naples

Ragù, spaghetti with seafood, babà and many other goodies of the Neapolitan culinary tradition to be enjoyed in the best trattorias in Naples. Here are which ones!

Among the most fascinating aspects of Napoli in the world, there is its inimitable culinary art. The Neapolitan cuisine it is the result of a harmonious balance between the historical French and Spanish influences and the unfailing creativity of the Neapolitans.

The magic of the Neapolitan table, therefore, consists in simplicity: just think of the pasta and beans, the Genoese, the casatiello with the legendary ragù, a sauce made from meat and tomato, poor ingredients transformed into an incomparable delicacy.

To enjoy the many goodness of the gastronomy made in Naples, the most suitable place is the typical trattoria: traditional, simple and authentic. Here are the best ones you absolutely must try!



This trattoria of Vomero makes abundant portions and traditional dishes its strong point. Served in typical "Caccavelli”Or in copper pots or even in wooden boxes, the most recommended dishes are those of fish such as mixed fried or the cod skewer.
To mention the sweet pistachio and white chocolate. The raw materials are of good quality and the quality / price ratio is good, especially given the location of the restaurant. There is also a pizza oven.

Baccalà of the Trattoria Scugnizzi al Vomero

planet 081 040 3392 Via Luigi Caldieri, 53


Trattoria Antonio La Trippa

The leitmotiv of this place is the "Neapolitan " and you can already understand it only by crossing the door with furniture rich in references to traditions, such as theScarfalietto'charcoal or the' press', the crank for olive oil.
The kitchen here is typical and incorporates the kitchen of leftovers such as le meatballs of squid and pea husk. Each dish is served in the typical the road Neapolitan, to remember the home cooking. To try the ziti alla genovese, spaghetti with anchovies and larded mezzani, but there is also the possibility to order a good pizza. Prices in the standard.

Trattoria Antonio la Trippa in Naples

planet 081 0482228 Cross Pietravalle, 62


From Vittorio. Soon and Fine

In a home and family environment the passion for the ancient Neapolitan cuisine shines through every corner of the inn as well as in the numerous preparations on the menu. The menu is daily and varies with the seasons according to the raw materials available. For this reason, it is good to arrive early for lunch because the dishes tend to finish quite quickly. There is a chance to find a queue but the excellent quality / quantity / price ratio will make it worth it.

Pasta with green peas

economic 081 505050 Via Ugo Niutta 23 / 25, Arenella


La Campagnola

Located in the famous Via dei Tribunali the trattoria "La Campagnola" immediately makes clear its position already from the sign: "here you eat well and spend a little". The menu changes daily according to the traditional weekly rotation of the Neapolitan families and everything is prepared by the owners including the traditional fried like crocchè or courgette flowers Fried (both are definitely to try) or the latter as their very famous Eggplant Parmesan. Traditional sweets to end the meal and, of course, coffee. Extremely competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

Meatballs of the trattoria La Campagnola in Naples

economic 081 459034 Via Dei Tribunali 47


Trattoria Da Nennella

It is recognized by the crowd, by the pazzariello staff who use colorful and funny expressions at the table and the excellent style menu "like a mother's house". The trattoria Nennella is now an institution of the ancient Neapolitan popular cuisine since the post-war period, famous above all for pasta and potatoes with provola, "Bell azzeccat azzeccat" as tradition dictates. Also very popular pasta and beans, spaghetti with seafood, linguine with octopus, roasted cuttlefish, Genoese, fried seafood. Cheap prices, excellent quality and a lot folklore and who knows if you are not so lucky to be able to meet one of the many celebrities who frequent the place.

Trattoria da Nannella in Naples

economic 081 414338 Vico Teatro Nuovo 103


Locanda N'tretella

Trattoria with just 25 places in the heart of Naples "true" and that takes its name from the girlfriend of Pulcinella. Spending is daily to preserve the quality of the ingredients of the Slow Food presidium so there is no menu and you can choose between two complete choices of sea or land. Do not miss the fish dishes, the Genoese, the fusilli sauce and ricotta, the typical ones scarparielli and the great traditional desserts like pastiera and babà. Prices are in the norm e the memorable dining experience!

Locanda Ntretella in Naples

economic 081 427783 Ascent S. Anna di Palazzo, 25


Osteria Donna Teresa

The Donna Teresa tavern is a small pearl located in the center of Vomero. The management is totally familiar starting from the raw materials provided by the son of the progenitor who gives the name to the tavern. The staff are very friendly and really make you feel at home. The menu is obviously based on typical traditional dishes with an eye to the seasonality of the products. Try the meatballs in tomato sauce and ziti alla genovese in addition to exquisite home made meals and the wine of own production. Cheap prices but given the few tables there is often to wait.

Osteria Donna Teresa in Naples

economic 081 556 7070 Via Michele Kerbaker 58


Antica Osteria Pisano

Osteria born over seventy years ago in the Forcella district, very close to the Central Station and the Duomo. About 30 seats and feeling of eating in the Grandma's kitchen thanks to the daily shopping that guarantees the quality of the dishes. The taste of appetizers allows you to enjoy the mini portions of side dishes and seconds so as not to weigh down before the Sicilian codfish with onions, olives, raisins and cherry tomatoes tomato tripe. Excellent fries especially i artichokes gilded and fried and sweets obviously home made. Excellent quality / price ratio and very abundant quantities.

Pasta with green peas

economic 081 554 8325 Piazza Crocelle Mannesi, 1


Osteria Il Gobbetto

A real mix of color and folklore that is expressed in the furnishing with prints of balconies on the walls and staff dressed in the Bourbon style. Fresh fish and also other high quality raw materials, almost all almost zero kilometer. Do not miss the "gobbetto" appetizer made up of mixed vegetables and fries and with a zucchini parmigiane that is king. Excellent Scialatielli pasta with sea food but better let yourself be advised by the young waiters who are always happy to help in your choice. Really excellent value for money, especially due to the location close to the tourist area.

Osteria Il Gobbetto in Naples

planet 081 251 2435 Via Sergente Maggiore, 8


The Tile

Characteristic room that still preserves the original structure with basalt floor and especially with the "riggiole" that cover the room. The management of the restaurant is familiar and the recipes of the grandmother of the current owners are still followed. To try the Genoese cooked with three different types of onion, the ragout, Luciana octopus , mythical mixed fry. Also good desserts and well stocked wine cellar. Quality / quantity / price are very well balanced.

Osteria La Mattonella in Naples

planet 081416541 Via Giovanni Nicotera, 13