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Chiaia Funicular

front of the funicular of Chiaia near Piazza Amedeo

Did you know that? It was the two engineers Cigliano and Ferraro who studied the mechanical systems for the construction of the funiculars of Chiaia e Montesanto. A few years later the project was presented to the Municipality which, with the support of Banca Tiberina, started construction work.

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Chiaia Funicular

  • Cimarosa
  • Palazzolo-Parco Marcolini
  • Corso Vittorio Emanuele
  • Margherita Park
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Opening hours
Chiaia Funicular

  • Ordinary hours: from 7.00 to 22.00
  • Frequency every 10 minutes
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Tickets and info
Chiaia Funicular

Business ticket: da 1,1€: single journey along the entire route.

Single ticket: (ICT): at the price of 1,60 €, valid for a ride on every single line on iron or funicular and on buses (also on EAV vehicles) within 90 minutes.

Daily ticket: at the price of € 3,50, valid for unlimited rides on ANM vehicles up to 24.00 on the day of validation.

7-day pass: at the price of € 12,50, valid for unlimited rides on ANM vehicles until midnight of the sixth day following the date of the first validation.

Monthly subscription: at the price of 35 euros, valid for unlimited rides on ANM vehicles up to 24,00 on the last day of the month in which it was validated.

Annual subscription: valid for an unlimited number of trips on ANM vehicles, for 12 consecutive calendar months starting from the first day of the month of validity until 24.00 on the last day of the same month.