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The mask of Pulcinella, history and myth of the symbol of Naples


Pulcinella è a historical Neapolitan mask that managed to get a huge success all over the world, because it manages to combine the carefree with a vein of sadness that makes this mask one of the most loved in the world.

The origins of thisto character are very old, because the first version of this persongGIO he was creata from Silvio Fiorillo, an important Neapolitan actor, around the second half of the Five hundred.

Over the centuries there were changes, even quite important, who went to modify his features. Sidit will however wait for the Dnineteenth century for improvements until you get to the costume that everyone to date we know, made thanks to the work of Antonio Petito.

However, it is thought that this mask is much moreIt is ancient, even if you do not have secure information to do so. His appearance has evolved a lot going to change the color of the mask e to change its color from white to black and so on.

Pulcinella and Harlequin: two very masks different but at the same time the same

PUlcinella and Arlecchino, although they had two different customs and two ways of expressing themselves, are very similar, becoming two sides of the same coin.

The multicolored Bergamo mask represents un world very similar to that oneor of the maschera Bell, both for his social status that if in the relationship between the two characters. THEPulcinella was the antagonist while the good was to be looked for in the mask lombarda.

The origins of the name of Pulcinella

The name of Pulcinella is, as its most anti originsthat, wrapped in mystery. sometimes it is not possible to be safei of the origin of one of the most important masks in the world.

The most probable origin must be traced back to Silvio Fiorillo, who was most likely inspired by a farmer from Acerra che had a long nose and skin tanned by the sun.

But it is also hypothesized that the name is simply a variant of a fairly common Campania surname.

Pulcinella between hermaphroditism and death

Una napo is a very complex maskletana of Pulcinella, with an ironic, greedy, cheeky and a lot of character chiacchierone, but it hides within itself a true mystery. The intrinsic meaning of this mask can give rise to a series of both quite special interpretations.

The PRIbut it is a very particular hypothesis, because it was ditto that this mask can rappresentare hermaphroditism, with the pointed upper part which represents the part male, while the rounder one what rappsents the female part.

The second hypothesis represents death and mIseria, even if the hat takes up the cornucopia che it is a symbol of prosperity.