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Campania buffalo mozzarella: types, where to buy it and how to store it

That buffalo mozzarella represents one of the best Campania products ever is not a secret at all, but a well known fact. Not surprisingly, nowadays there are many people who rely on all the quality of Campania.

The various forms of buffalo mozzarella

For the honor of the truth, however, it must be said that there are very many types of buffalo mozzarella.

Just think, depending on the area of ​​production, this mozzarella is produced in a wide variety of shapes.

Among these the form stands out round which, in turn, includes a large range of other types: mozzarella Cherry, That bead,ovolina, tidbit and so on. All these products have a variable weight depending on the type itself.

The smallest buffalo mozzarella can weigh only a couple of grams (for example 10): they are those products that literally melt on the tongue; the larger buffalo mozzarella, on the other hand, can also weigh 800 grams (as in the case of the famous Aversana buffalo mozzarella).

To be considered PDO mozzarella, the various types must ideally respect their production weight. The weight requirements are supplemented by others that provide for changes to the shape. Thus, for example, a mozzarella for which are provided braiding, must not only contain the aforementioned braids, but also the knots ... which often makes the weight of this type of mozzarella rise up to 3 kilograms well.

The various types can also be sold in their smoked version or be produced using purely natural methods.
We must however remember not to confuse the Buffalo bell-mozzarella in both the smoked and the simple version provolone: they are two different products.

Buffalo or Salerno buffalo mozzarella? Let's find out the differences.

When we talk about the difference between Salerno and Caserta buffalo mozzarella, we discuss the nuances.

The difference, in fact, is mainly given by the salt that comes in the brine. In the mozzarella Salerno this percentage reaches at most 3%; in that Casertainstead, salt concentration is around 5%.

For the rest, the same raw material is used but attention, taste and consistency change considerably.

Where to buy Campania buffalo mozzarella?

Practically in the larger cities of Campania it is possible to find various shops that offer the possibility of tasting an almost exquisite buffalo mozzarella from Campania but as guarantee there is the Mozzarella di bufala dop.

Don't buy loose mozzarellas, they could be overpriced vaccine mozzarella!

Only the mozzarella in a bag with the Mozzarella di Bufala dop logo guarantees you the quality of production and the controlled supply chain.

Salerno, Naples and Battipaglia are the main cities famous for all that concerns the production of buffalo mozzarella.

The dairies of Salerno

For example, in Salerno there is the dairy Stella, which for several years has been a perfect example of quality or Vannullo also a true icon of mozzarella. In both places you will find a very welcoming, rustic environment with lots of buffalo milk products (including ice cream!).

Think that even school trips are organized to see the production of buffalo mozzarella in person.

The Caserta dairies

Consideration should also be given to turning to other sales points to find a buffalo mozzarella with an extraordinary taste, like the various dairies that produce this mozzarella in the Caserta area. If you are looking for excellence, you can turn to the sales points of Garofalo (one is present right at the Garibaldi Central Station!) or al Caputo Dairy, another institution.

The dairies of Paestum

Among the best dairies, the one in Rivabianca (in Paestum) also stands out, where you can always find a particularly fresh and tasty buffalo mozzarella.

The prices of buffalo mozzarella?

The prices are obviously very variable and depend not only on the type of buffalo mozzarella you want to buy, but also on the peculiarities and demands of the producer.
In general, however, it doesn't cost much (we wander around 12 / 14 € per kilo) and the relationship between quality and price is very high.

How to store buffalo mozzarella?

Once you buy a good buffalo mozzarella, you also need to understand how to store it in such a way as to preserve its freshness.
The buffalo mozzarella must always be kept in the liquid and preferably in a cool place not in the fridge.

Storing it in its water will not lose its tasty qualities.
However, it is one of those products that you must eat as soon as possible to fully appreciate their flavor.

The unopened envelopes in a bain-marie they are ideal for storing buffalo mozzarella, as long as the water temperature is around 15 ° / 20 °.

In winter it is advisable to make the bain-marie with water at a temperature of about 20 °.

If it is kept in the fridge, to get the best flavor, it is advisable to soak the buffalo mozzarella in hot water (about 30 °) for at least 5 minutes: in this way you can get the maximum flavor during the tasting given that heat will de-crystallize the fat of the mozzarella, allowing it to become soft again.