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Marechiaro and the fenestrella, features and useful information

in Fenestella di Marechiaro

Marechiaro is a small village in the district of Posillipo, very old and full of charm. Its name is not due to the beauty of the sea, but to its calm. In fact, in some maps dating back to the Swabian period we speak of the sea planum. Naples is a very fascinating city with a thousand colors and mysteries, with its thousand alleys that conceal each time a new opportunity to discover a small story among the many that characterize this beautiful city of Campania.

Naples is composed of various districts also very different for their morphological and artistic characteristics. It is therefore nice to discover all the various treasures that this city is able to offer us day after day, making the capital of Campania one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. La Fenestrella in Marechiaro is one of those places that must be visited at least once in life.

Characteristics of Marechiaro and why it is so important

Marechiaro we saw a small village on the sea, part of the Posillipo district, which became a sort of 'center of the world' in the 1960s. An important center of sweet life, it is frequented by some of the most important Hollywood personalities. Its success has been decreed fundamentally by the beautiful very charming places, from Scoglione and the magnificent view that this village can offer. In fact, the exceptional thing is the priceless view from the gulf, and being able to admire the city of Naples, the Vesuvius, the Amalfi peninsula up to the Isle of Capri. Of course you can not fail to mention, among the destinations that must be visited, the Fenestrella.

In Marechiaro the Fenestrella is a true institution

One of the elements that created the myth of this maritime village is the Fenestrella with all its exceptional sensations. According to tradition, the poet Salvatore di Giacomo passing through this street was hit by an open window from which a red carnation appeared. He was so enraptured by this vision and by the sensations that only a breathtaking view from this place can give, that wrote Marechiaro, to today the song that has had more success in absolute.

In this passage Di Giacomo speaks of a man who goes under that window to call his love, his name is Carulì, who is hidden behind it. On that window sill there is a red carnation which is a sign of passion. This song was written around the end of the nineteenth century and remains one of the still much loved Neapolitan songs.